J. Crew Overstock Sale

— Mon, 13th June 2011 —

This one could be interesting. Tuesday through Saturday, 6/14-6/18, that never-ending sale space on 5th Ave. is hosting a J.Crew sample and overstock event featuring 60% off tons of S/S wares… or, at least, for the women. According to the invite, you can expect a “limited assortment” of menswear and accessories.

J. Crew Overstock Sale – 260 5th Ave btw 28th & 29th – Tues-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-4pm – Map

  1. If anyone goes tomorrow, be sure to let us know how it is..

  2. Decently large selection of menswear. Two racks of button downs. Several racks of tees/polos. Lots of shorts and swimsuits in 32. Fairly broad selection of knitwear ($35-75). Decent selection of shoes, some repeats and some new. Quite a line at the moment, probably 30 minute wait easy.

  3. Full range of sizes on everything aside from shorts (at least as of this morning). Pants are also mostly 32, some 34.

  4. just swung by the sale around 11:15am…pretty long line ending at the corner of 28th st. too long for me to wait. looked like a lot of women not so much dudes. 32 waist in jcrew is huge for me…hopefully i’m not missing out

  5. Thanks for the updates. I’ll probably stop by tomorrow after work..but it’ll be bare bones.

  6. A lot of polos, tees, sweaters in a range of sizes. Tops are 35. Chinos are 30. Pants are 70, not many blazers there. Ties were 20, I picked up 6. A lot of the better items are gone in the smaller sizes.

  7. just got back from the sale. Johnny is is pretty much dead accutrate. Should mention there is a good selection of shoes. Mostly JCrew branded loafers, derbys and wingtips. There were a FEW pairs of MacAlister boots, and a couple pairs of white bucks (red-brick soles). Ties are pretty picked over, button ups are pretty picked over…lots of polos, tees, sweaters, trousers and shorts.

    and TONS of crazy women. 🙂

  8. does anyone have more info on the shoes there as far as prices

  9. macallister boots were $65, leather dress shoes were around $120, slippers were around $25

  10. I went to the sale today at around four just when it was raining and there was no line whatsoever. Grab whatever you can find quickly and decide later if you want to buy it. I bought a hoody that was worth 250 on the website for only 35 and a bunch of sweaters for 30. Mens selection is small, but tons of great finds if you look for them.

    the items were a bit pricey but the sweaters and jackets were definitely worth it as I bought a lot of those. Mens selection relatively small, women selection is filled with a bunch of women running around finding clothes! Long line after I left the store about an hour later.

  11. I got screwed by the sample sale. Bought 2 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts and a ring for my wife. Got home and the ring wasn’t in the bag.

    I called the phone number listed on Racked.com and talked to a girl who wasn’t on site. It was my fault for not checking the bag before I walked out, apparently. All sales final, even if the keep the merchandise.

  12. I just got back from down there. The clothes are completely picked over for men, nothing left going for. I was hoping to score a pair of Macalister boots on the cheap. They were sold out, but I did pick up a pair of Gifford Wingtips for $90.
    These: http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/oxfords/PRDOVR~20604/20604.jsp

    There were a sweet pair of dub monks I would have bought in a second if I were a 10 and a 1/2. If you like they’re shoes it’s still worth a trip.

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