J.Press Warehouse Sale

— Wed, 22nd June 2011 —

Thursday and Friday, 6/23-6/24, J.Press is holding its semiannual warehouse sale, featuring up to 80% off racks and racks of prepped-out sportswear. Here and here‘s what a J.Press sale looks lie. Some guys don’t appreciate the brand’s conservative cuts, but there’s no denying its quality.

J. Press Warehouse Sale – Onward Kashiyama USA – 530 7th Ave bwtn 38th & 39th – 29th Fl – 11am-6pm Daily – 212-997-3600 – Map

  1. They just had one of these three months ago, so maybe they’re not semiannual anymore?

    the passenger

  2. I was in the area and stopped by. Better discounts than previous sales, but a pretty bland selection of stuff. Saw a lot of the same items that were at the last sale. If you are a 44r or larger there are some nice things. Smallest selection of ties I have ever seen at a jpress sample sale.


  3. Agreed with huskyzealot on all counts. Lot of large sizes and a lot of the exact same stuff from the last sale. Most of the under-40 suits and jackets were three-button, which I personally don’t wear – YMMV. The pricing is excellent, though – 80% meant I took home a suit and three ties for $215 including tax.

    Jon in Queens

  4. How about the sports coats? Anything in the size 36/38 range? I guess with all these questions I might as well drag myself over….

  5. There are plenty 40+. The 36-39 were pretty limited, as that is also my size. All of the suits are 3 button, only 1 or 2 44R+ sizes were 2 button. The shirts were pretty much the same as in the previous sales, maybe one or two more checkered style shirts but those went out quick, I picked up one of the last ones in the 34 15.5 size. There are lots of seersucker, cotton, wool sports jackets and overcoats. Lots of trousers. 4-5 boxes of white Crew/Vneck tshirts. Limited sizes of boxers. 3-4 boxes of ties and pocket squares. (some old some new). And there are 3-4 boxes of brightly and I emphasize BRIGHTLY colored (Pink, neon green, orange, yellow, etc) THICK cardigan style sweaters for 90% off. (didn’t bother looking at price).

    Everything is atleast 80% off and that means most items fall between 5$-120$ (prices of ties to suits originally were 22$ for ties to 750$ for suits).

  6. quick question, were the 3-buttons traditional 3-button jackets or were they 3-roll-2 buttons? thanks in advance!

  7. how was the selection of bowties (if there even were any)? thanks in advance!

  8. There were a box with red bowties, there is also had another color but honestly I can’t remember what it was.


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