Opening Ceremony Sample Sale

— Thu, 9th June 2011 —

Friday through Sunday, 6/10-6/12, Opening Ceremony‘s hosting its semiannual sample sale featuring up to 90% off Acne, Band of Outsiders, Jeremy Scott, Loden Dager, Opening Ceremony, Patrik Ervell, Rachel Comey, Sabatino, United Bamboo, … Always a scene. You know the drill.

Opening Ceremony Sample Sale – 148 Lafayette St btw Howard & Grand – Fri-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 12pm-9pm – Map

  1. Beggar, any word on whether or not there will be Alexander Olch ties there this year as there was in the past?

  2. Can anyone advise on the Olch ties? And how much they are?


  3. I saw a box of ties, dunno if they were Olch or not, but there were maybe 10 inside.

  4. Oof. Just got here a line clear around the corner. Moving sluggishly


  5. Sounds like there good be some good deals, but it also sounds like a nightmare. I’ll sit this one out.

  6. I was one of the first guys to get in and I only saw one Olch tie for 60 which I grabbed, didn’t look into the box.

  7. Well this is not like a showroom or a brand sample sale, pieces are pretty much all individually priced, so pricelists would be hard to make. I know the common projects & patrik ervell collabs are 160.

  8. Ok, so prices: It’s all over the place. They don’t have a consistent stock of any items, except for FW clothes (lots of OC cardigans for $80, usa and japan made jackets for $120).
    The shoes are around $70-80.
    Acne, Park Ave and OC trousers are $50.
    Pendetlon madras lights sport jackets are $70.
    Didn’t see any accessories besides some happy socks, but I wasn’t looking for it anyways.


  9. Any Schiesser pieces are $30.
    Band of Outsiders tees $15.

    I must say the space is MUCH bigger and much more organized than the previous sales, but perhaps less merch than before .


  10. It was very hectic the wait to get in was about an hour arriving at 11 and got in at 11:50 am. There is NO CHANGING ROOM for either sex. Guys and girls were changing very freely out in the open. Everything was thrown around on the floor, overracks and on top of people.

    There are limited BoO stuff but like me its all either too big (4-5) for trousers or for the pieces I saw people carrying out they are sold out of it. Lots of Hope Blazers / Trousers, N. Hollywood stuff, Barbour trenches, Surf/ Mauhi tees all around, Rack of Acne trousers and tees, some other things by Loden Dager (I bought one of the 3 peacoats left when I got there for 250 from 820). Not much on accessories. Limited sneakers from keds, acne and other brands.

  11. OMG where do I start. First let me say that this is the worst Sample Sale of all time, and I have been to hundreds. There is nothing but CRAP there .90% winter goods from the year of the flood. Wrinkled and dirty clothing. There is not a single item there that you can find in the Opening Ceremony store in the past 10 Years..They should be ashamed of themselves for even calling this a Sample Sale. Maybe they should call it an antique sale or rummage sale. You can find better merchandise in your local Salvation Army Store. 2 final words. DONT BOTHER

    Victor Zilberman

  12. I was there at the end of the day and picked up a pair of yuketen zig zags for 40 dollars, although I think they may have misread the price which should probably have been 120. I wasn’t impressed with the selection. Lots of XL’s and mostly winter stuff, that was mostly just stuff that had gone on sale and hadn’t been sold. Prices weren’t much lower than the final sale prices had been and there was very little s/s gear

  13. if it wasn’t eight million degrees in that space, i may have been able to think about buying for winter. overall, meh. nothing seemed immediate or mandatory buying.

  14. Any info on blazers (looking for a navy one particularly), also still waiting to hear about te alexander olch ties.


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