Rag & Bone Overstock Sale

— Wed, 15th June 2011 —

Thursday through Sunday, 6/16-6/19, Chelsea Market is hosting a Rag & Bone overstock/sample sale featuring up to 70% off S/S wares. Here‘s what (mostly unhappy) readers had to say about the last such sale, and the one before that. These guys always kick off a day early (that means today, 6/15), and keep a loose door policy.

Rag & Bone Overstock/Sample Sale – Chelsea Market – 75 9th btwn 15th & 16th – Thurs-Fri 10:30am-8pm, Sat 12pm-7pm, Sun 12pm-5pm – Map

  1. any news from this sale? i believe its friends and family today (wed)….prices, selection?

  2. Going to check it out after work to see if I can get in before it closes… if not, I’ll go tomorrow.

  3. This has consistently been bad. I can depend on water to be wet, the sun rise from the east, and the R&B sale at Chelsea Market to be overpriced and lacking in terms of inventory.

  4. As in the past, prices are high. But there is plenty of inventory, including small sizes. That said, I go to this sale every single time and I’ve never bought anything, and this time was no exception.

  5. You know, this really surprises me. I went to a sale that they had in their offices and it was great. Down right great, got ties, shirts, and stuff for the wife. Then they had a sale at Clothingline and I bought a suit for under $275 made by Martin Greenfield. But the Chelsea Market sales are just horrible. I am sure you can get better deals at Bergdorf’s and Barneys right now. Needless to say, I will not be wasting my time on this one. Also, a lot of their stuff is now made in China instead of the US, which was the reason I liked the brand in the first place.

  6. So it sounds like the sale is open today–even if it sucks?

  7. definitely open. definitely too expensive. well-stocked though.

  8. I went to the Chelsea sale just before Christmas and while I thought the prices were a bit high, but certainly a lot lower than retail I bought a pair of jeans for $95 that were on line at saks for $185 AFTER the sale. I would go again to see what’s up.

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