Ralph Lauren Warehouse Sale

— Fri, 3rd June 2011 —

Have we mentioned our general disdain for logos? Anyway, Monday through next Thursday, 6/6-6/9, get to Soiffer Haskin for deep discounts on Polo Ralph Lauren cruise, spring, and summer stock. Bring an iPad.

Polo Ralph Lauren Warehouse Sale – Soiffer Haskin – 317 W 33rd between 8th & 9th – Monday-Wednesday 9am-6:30pm, Thurs 9am-5pm – Credit Cards OnlyMap

  1. All Purple and Black, no other labels. No suits or tuxedos, good selection of shirts, a fee belts, shoes/boots, ties, and some outwear. 75% off most stuff. More akin to other SH sample sales, still a big line though. Walked out with a Black Label tux shirt down from $395 to under a hundred. Well worth a visit!

  2. I was there earlier the line wasn’t that bad (less then 15 min).
    Not much variety honestly.
    Like DCG said no suits or tux. There was literally only 2 purple label belts on size 32 and 4 trousers in the same size (a fell denim too).
    Medium PL polos on only in florescent green and orange, the only nice dark red one was in XXL.
    There are many shoes tho. driving mocs, some plain toe oxfords on pebble grain leather ($112). some commando style boots and many other models. Nothing much formal thought.


  3. I forgot to mention there was plenty of Purple Label ties, about 3 boxes.


  4. Just got back, shirt selectioin was ok, tie selection was solid and they will prob restock (I saw a box on the bottom), black label ties for $33, how could you go wrong!

  5. I was disappointed.

    All I saw were suede blazers, boat shoes, highly distressed leather belts with ostentatious buckles, still-expensive-as-hell Black Label cashmere sweaters ($300+), and emblematic ties (nautical, animal symbols, etc).

    I guess there’s a reason all of this stuff was marked down so much. Sales associate said they will not be restocking the menswear.


  6. Can’t really remember. Just regular Polo shoes. Chinese made. About $120 I think. You’d be better of with Sperry’s


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