Theory Sample Sale

— Tue, 7th June 2011 —

Thursday through Sunday, 6/9-6/12, get to Chelsea Market for the best damn Theory sample sale ever (!), featuring deep discounts on tons of S/S stock. “This is my favorite event of the year, gray/beige detractors notwithstanding!” a past visitor said of the sale.

Theory  Sample Sale – Chelsea Market – 75 9th btwn 15th & 16th – Thurs-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10pm-6pm – Map

  1. You’ve never mentioned a Theory sale at Chelsea Market on this site before. Is it possible that ‘past visitor’ was referring to Theory’s biannual sale at their Fifth Ave. location (which is consistently great)? I ask, because every sample sale I’ve ever been to at Chelsea Market has been absolutely awful.

  2. Their men’s selections at most of their multiple designer sales are pretty limited, but my girlfriend seems to consistently get great brands at really good prices. I emailed a friend who works at Theory and he confirmed this sale is the real deal. Maybe someone can stop by today and scout it out?

  3. Do you expect the sale to be open today (vs the listed date of 6/9)?

  4. I went to Chelsea Market this evening to get some groceries. They didn’t appear to be open today. Store is packed with goods. Looks like it will be a good sale.

  5. No. It was absolutely horrible. I was in and out in under a minute. Only using a third at most of the space, half of the racks are $299 suits, the other half is a few dress shirts, some casual shirts, sportcoats and a rack or two of pants. Not remotely worth my time.

  6. thanks CNB…any chance you remember price point on casual shirts? Also, did you see any of their vneck t shirts?


  7. you the man CNB. just saved me a trip from the garment district in this crazy heat! there hasn’t been a good theory sale in years

  8. the clothingline one was epic – $30 cashmere sweaters, $15 buttondowns, $10 t shirts, $60 blazers…but nothing good since


  9. casual shirt price point maybe $79? Not really sure. A few (not many) t-shirts – only v-neck I saw (looked at medium portion of the single t-shirt rack only) was an excessively deep v-neck in a kinda weird grey color. Unfortunate, as I was particularly hoping to score a few v-necks myself.

  10. This is exactly the same stuff that was at the lower Fifth Ave sale last month….same price points

  11. Chris is right… same sale as last time… except less stock.


  12. Hey Fellas,

    Since I wasn’t able to make it to the last Theory sale I was pretty satisfied what was there. Even though I went there looking for shorts (none) I did walk away with a suit for $299 (originally $895)! I’m a short guy so anytime there’s an abundance of 40 S (not to mention 40 R as well) I had to pull the trigger.

    I also liked the large changing area they had, complete with several full length mirrors.

    I’m thinking about going back tomorrow if I have time since they also had dress shirts for $49.

  13. does anyone know how much they were charging for blazers, also how were the sizings?

  14. Sale is over now. Went Sunday afternoon and scored a lot of great stuff. Spoke to someone who worked there and they are working on a big Billy Reid sale. Really good selection of dress shirts ($49) and suits ($299) and casual button up shirts ($79). Sale seemed really professional and staff seemed eager to help.

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