Save Khaki Sample Sale

— Fri, 29th July 2011 —

For the next two weeks, get over (up? down?) to Lafayette for Save Khaki‘s semiannual sample sale featuring deep discounts on solid, military-inspired basics. Here’s what a Save Khaki sample sale looks like. We’re talkin’ khakis for $50; wovens for $40; Tees for $10; jackets and heavy knits for $100; … Expect new shipments to arrives regularly.

Save Khaki Sample Sale – 327 Lafayette St between Bleecker & Houston – Basement – 212-925-0134 – Map

  1. Pretty good stuff here as of this evening. Around 6pm, the basement room was pretty mobbed. Not an overwhelming supply of goods, but nicely distributed across all sizes, particularly the coveted mediums (coveted by myself, at least). Some decent woven shirts, lots of pants in a variety of sizes (particularly cords) and a bunch of boxes of t shirts, with a few scattered cotton military-esque jackets hanging here or there. As I left, the guy pointed to three more boxes they were about to unload, which bodes for a pretty productive weekend. Guy also said the sale lasts two weeks with replenishing of supplies throughout.

  2. @ mr billy: based on my memory the pricing is $50 for chinos, $40 for button downs, $30 for L/S Henleys, $20 for other L/S (polos, crews), $20 for lounge/pj’s, $10 for S/S tees and there’s a $5 box. I’m not very certain about their sweater price. Overall, there’s a decent selection of goods.

  3. The cotton jackets were $40 or $50 and I believe the pants were $40.

  4. Yes the prices are pretty much similar to previous sales. Sweaters 30$, pants 40$, jackets 40-50$, 40$ for shits 30$ henleys, 15-20$ for polos, 10$ for tees. It’s got a lot of shorts and chinos still left. Boxes of tees, but sweaters, shirts, and the other stuff are pretty much dry now.

  5. Don’t know if anyone’s still checking here but did how was the corduroy jeans selection? Anyone notice the prices?

    Very specific question, I know — but I’ve been trying to find a pair of the Marine colored (on sale, of course!).

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