Club Monaco Sample Sale

— Mon, 18th July 2011 —

Tuesday through Thursday, 7/19-7/21, Club Monaco is hosting its semiannual sample sale featuring deep discounts on F/W ’10 and S/S ’11 stock. We’re not big fans of CM (there’s nothing less flattering than the poorly made, ill-fitting suit jackets in which CM specializes), but some guys swear by this event and its rock-bottom prices.

Club Monaco Sample Sale – 601 W. 26th St btw 11th & 12th, Suite 800 – 9am-12 then 1pm-5pm Daily – Credit Cards Only – Map

  1. Yep, Beggar hit the nail on the head – As soon as I read Club Monaco I thought about poor construction. But hey, if they also sell some plain ol’ tees one can never go wrong.

  2. I am quite happy with CM – their shirts fit me perfectly! Not too keen on their pants as they don’t have size 29. Anybody been to this sale before? how is the selection? prices?

  3. Never been, but I hear prices are ridiculously low. Like shirts-for-$10 kinda low. Saw a tweet this morning saying the wait was 1.5 to 2 hours though. Who is waiting in this line? Don’t these people have jobs?

  4. personally, i like this sale. but, yeah, the wait sucks. aside from that, i appreciate the cheap prices. much bigger percent off than j crew ever goes. i hate fake sales and this is not a fake sale. not the best clothes ever, but stylish and decent enough. good for basic stuff. the heavy wool sweaters are nice. picked up a few of the ones with skiers and snowflakes last time around. quite nice.

  5. Went this morning,it is a mess,if you do not wear size 32 pants there is next to nothing, no ties per se.Some jackets size 40.
    Biggest issue is everything men, women has been mixed together.

  6. Totally picked over at this point…in fact, it is kinda gross. Not worth your time schlepping over to 26th and 11th Ave in this heat…..

  7. Agreed, its hot with no AC, bunch of angry women trying to dig through mens AND womens stuff. And you are fighting over nothing really. Its all ripped, tags cut, some have HUGE holes in it.

  8. Poorly made and ill-fitting? Has Choosy Beggar been in a CM lately? CM’s jackets fit much better than those of their competitors (jcrew, etc) and are reasonably good quality (for the price / and compared to competitors in the same price bracket).

  9. to anyone thinking of going, don’t, they ran out of clothes at 1pm, don’t waste your trip.

  10. The selections this year has been pretty disappointing. Maybe next time..

  11. I generally like Club Monaco too. Fit is great for me I think. Too out of the way and busy for me to make the trip out there time though.

    Winston S.

  12. 80% off and 80% crap

    cloth were mixed at men section
    most of items were in boxes on the floor
    a lot of damaged items, holes, rips, missing sleeves, etc
    no mirrors
    small room, tons of people, no a/c just poor fan ventilation

    terrible experience