Leffot Summer Sale

— Fri, 8th July 2011 —

Leffot, no doubt the city’s premier shoe seller, just kicked off its summer sale featuring 30-50% off Alden, Church’s, Quoddy, Gaziano & Girling, … See the selection here.

Leffot – 10 Christopher St at Gay St – 212-989-4577 – Map

  1. So is what I see on the blog what they got? Looking for Alden cordovan wing tip in tan

  2. Duke also try the Alden store on 44th Street, they are having a sale.

  3. $30 off the Calfskin and $50 off the Cordovan at the Alden shop on Madison. You’re getting anywhere from 6 to 8% off so it’s a sale in name only.


  4. Thanks, was in shop on Madison on Friday and they didn’t mention sale but stock seemed limited and they didn’t have what I was looking for. Is the 44th street shop different? Should I look online for Alden or will Allen Edmonds do the trick? I wear both but wanted Alden, just curious what ppl thought

  5. There’s only one Alden shop located at Madison and 44th. Prices online vary little I’ve found. And while Alden is VASTLY superior to Allen-Edmonds in my opinion, the latter’s McNeil in Cordovan is a very solid shoe.


  6. thanks @broguean. so alden calfskin > allen edmonds cordovan, right? wanted the cordovan at alden, but even online they don’t have the color i wanted.

  7. Also wondering if all they have on sale is what is on the blog. Has anyone gone to the store to see the sale selection?

  8. Duke: Correct. I think Alden is the best American made shoe by far and should trump all others.
    I should point out though that I bought 2 pairs of the Duckie Brown for Florsheim longwing brogues in Cordovan at Barneys the other day, in Scotch and Black. $289 each. Which is a pretty good deal for Cordovan.
    You’ll scarcely see it for cheaper.
    Not sure what they have left in sizes (I bought 2 pairs of 12D) but it’s worth a quick call.


  9. That comment was from me. Not sure why it showed up as anonymous.

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