Rachel Comey Sample Sale

— Wed, 6th July 2011 —

Thursday and Friday, 7/7-7/8, get to Rachel Comey‘s semiannual sample sale for up to 60% off her smart-alecky hard-bottoms. Selection is typically slim, while recent sales have relatively well stocked.

Rachel Comey sample sale – 335 W 35th St btwn 8th and 9th – 11th fl – 212-334-0470 – Thurs 12pm-7pm, Fri 12pm-5pm – Map

  1. I went to look for mens shoes. It was OK, but I did not buy anything. Mostly priced at 170/pair, some at 100/pair. Disgustingly hot in there, I had to leave after 4 minutes. Selection was OK but not great. Women’s selection seemed bigger but I did not look.

  2. Agreed with what was said. It was VERY VERY hot filled with almost all womens stuff. Men’s only had a little section to the left after you arrive at the door. Most of the sizes were 9, 11, 12’s. Mainly black, brown lace ups, one or two boots in size 12. Pricing 100-170 was what I saw as well. Selection was limited, stock had about 6-7 pair per selection.

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