Groupe Seize sur Vingt Sample Sale

— Mon, 1st August 2011 —

Through Sunday, 8/14, Groupe Seize sur Vingt is hosting its semiannual sample sale, featuring deep discounts on Seize sur Vingt, Troglodyte Homunculus, Wolf-Rayet, and United Boroughs of New York. We’re talkin’ jackets that retailed for $2,500 down to $150-$400; suits down from $3,500 to $200-$800; shirts down from $180-$400 to $60-$90; sweaters down from $150-$475 to $60-$160, polos down from $95-$110 to $30-$55; etc. Here’s what a 16sur20 sample sale looks like.

Groupe Seize sur Vingt Sample Sale – Groupe 16sur20 – 78 Greene St Spring & Broome – 212-625-1620 – Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 12pm-6pm – Map

  1. From what I saw most of the XS, S and M shirts were gone if not they weren’t the best of design colors. Like 1 pair of shoe left, a bit of socks left. A rack of jackets + rack of trousers.

  2. Stopped by this on Saturday, was well worth the trip. Came away with a Trog trench for $400.

  3. I dropped by myself and was waiting on line until they opened. Folks were just grabbing what they could. I got lucky with two great shirts. Although there was small selection of product, an associate mentioned they’re expecting a shipment from Italy by Monday (It didn’t clear customs in time for the weekend).

  4. Anyone know how the selection of suits and sport jackets looks? Size and type?

    Jon in Queens

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