Peter Elliot Blowout Sale

— Fri, 19th August 2011 —

Whoa, Through next Saturday, 8/27, the Upper East Side’s Peter Elliot has set up a “pop-up sale space,” where you’ll find 50-90% off “everything.” For some idea of what to expect, refer to Jon Caramanica’s “Critical Shopper” review of the actual store in The Times.

Peter Elliot Sale Space – 1179 Lex. btw 80th & 81st – 646-237-6676 – Map

Peter Elliot Store – 1070 Madison Ave at 81st St – 212-570-2300 – Map

  1. Just stopped by the sale. Most of the stuff is house label clothing, so definitely no Barbour or anything like that. Was pretty small and a little disappointing, given how great Peter Elliot can be. If/when prices drop it will definitely be more attractive.

    Lots of linen shirts, chinos, seersucker shorts, ties (all house brand, some in pretty nice styles), a few espadrilles with embroidery on them (mostly size 7-9.5), lots of jackets although larger sizes primarily and many are double breasted. A few really suits in very heavy cloths. Also some dress shirts that looks pretty nice. One seriously GTH sport jacket made of repp striped ties that was awesome but not my size.

    I asked the woman there if they were going to get any more stock and she said possibly, although couldn’t confirm. She did mention that prices would be lowered later on, probably early next week.

    Definitely worth stopping in if you’re in the neighborhood, but I didn’t see any huge steals aside from the ties. Did manage to snag the only Kiton tie there for $35, which was nice.

    Prices are below (according to the sign outside)

    Sportcoats: $450
    Suits: $225
    Pants: $100 – $125
    Shirts: $55 – $295
    Sweaters: $40 – $150
    Ties: $35
    Polos: $25

  2. Sport coats for 450$? and Suits for 225? Not the other way around? Planning to make a stop next week. What sizes are the shirts thats left?

  3. All the other articles of clothing had been reduced from the original sale price except sport coats. Looking at it again, that doesn’t make much sense, but who knows.

  4. The NY Mag sales and bargains page is calling this the “Peter Elliot closing sale”. Does anyone know if that’s just referring to the pop-up?

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