Florsheim, Seize sur Vingt, Tucker Blair …

— Thu, 29th September 2011 —

  1. It’s pretty sad that this site has been reduced to a link dump for discount shopping sites. It was fun while it lasted CB, thanks for the deals.



  2. Oh, how foolish of Anon. Perhaps he should realize that there are no sample/deep discount sales to report.

  3. No excuses, Anon, but we’re in the process of restaffing, and actually have plans to make the site better than ever. Hope to win back your devotion.

  4. Is it wrong that I secretly hope people will stop reading CB and one day I’ll show up at a great sale and be the only person there?

  5. Don’t know why are people complaining, there is no sales this time of the year, it’s just how the industry works. The CB is only responsible of reporting the sales, not creating them.

  6. Not entirely sure how my statement could be categorized as a complaint, but the www is a mysterious place. CB shouldn’t be and I’m sure wasn’t ever meant to just be a place to report sales. I’m sure readership was/is high, so high at a point where a seamless transition to a newly development portal for all things MAN, which stretches past NYC, was ripe for the taking—I hope the window hasn’t been closed. CB has to do a better job of making this site much more than a sales dump. I’m sure a different type of experience is in the works and the CB stewards are planning on capitalizing their resources to relaunch as a more than just a click-through destination. Until then, Hurry up!

    PS. If there is a beta where you would need some guinea pigs to QA, post an email addy and I’ll gladly volunteer.

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