Brioni Warehouse Sale

— Fri, 7th October 2011 —

Figure you’d like a little heads up on this one. Tuesday through Friday, 10/11-10/14, Soiffer Haskin is hosting a Brioni warehouse sale featuring up to 85% off the finest 0ff-the-rack suits known to man, along with sportswear and furnishings.

Brioni warehouse sale – Soiffer Haskin – 317 W 33rd btwn 8th & 9th –  Tues-Thurs 9am-7pm, Fri 9am-5:30pm – Credit Cards OnlyMap

  1. I know nothing of Brioni – why are you of the opinion that they’re not quality?

  2. They are surely among the finest suits. It’s like arguing about Ferraris vs Lamborghinis.


  3. personally i have not seen a single Brioni item I liked, they’re cut and vision belong in the 80’s. how are they still consider best of the best for some people is beyond me. They do have vicua custom made suit starting at 25k so what? They can’t touch Kiton or even Isaia.

  4. i have to agree with outline on his/her comparison of Brioni to Kiton/Isaia

  5. There’s a reason James Bond stopped wearing Brioni. Cause it’s dated in style and made for fat guys


  6. speaking of James Bond, Daniel Craig likes dated things, a month or so ago he bought 2009 Audi S6 from our store. after his visit lawyers have called us asking not to release his pictures.

  7. Any report on the selection of ties? Brioni suits may be cut conservatively but they have decent ties, especially if on sale.

  8. The sale is very crowded. This morning, there was 30 minute line to get into the room. Prices are good — tuxedos and suits are $1,000 each, $900 for 2 or more (retail marked price on the tuxes was $6,700!!!). Tie selection is decent and marked to $100 each. Lots of shirts, but not properly sized (i.e, all 17″ neck shirts are the same sleeve length) and no slim fit. The checkout line probably was 30 minutes as well, but I bailed. As to the quality, the suits and sport coats looked like very good quality with excellent materials. The tuxes were not very impressive and did not fit very well.

  9. Wow, glad I skipped this one. Suits for $1000? $100 for ties? I can get them for cheaper than that on EBAY!!!!


  10. $100 for Brioni tie that was touched by 300 people in line before you. Great deal for sure.

  11. Were there any overcoats or shoes?
    If so, how much were they going for?
    How much were the shirts

  12. I don’t recall the shirt prices (maybe $125?) as all the shirts in my neck size were “classic fit” (read: boxy) and way, way too long in the arms. The sales staff helpfully suggested that I could get them tailored (ya don’t say), but the prospect of paying that much for an ill-fitting shirt, only to then have to take it to a tailor and pay for them to size it made no sense to me whatsoever. As to other questions, the ties were each wrapped individually in plastic (just like in the store), so they weren’t being handled. All appeared to be in mint condition. There were some shoes, but not much. Also some knits and accessories (e.g, belts, braces, pocket squares, etc.) and coats. Lots and lots of slacks, and a decent number of sport jackets. I don’t know the prices on these items as I wasn’t focused on them.

  13. Picked up a $900 croc belt for $100, also the cashier said they only do this sale once eery 10

  14. did you pick that up today or yesterday. it as a camel color i believe and was very soft. I saw it yesterday but thought it was about 160 (85% of 1100) did prices go down?

  15. All of the trousers were pleated; most, if not all, of the topcoats and suits were in outdated styles; everything appeared to be large fitting. There was very little selection for size 42 jacket/36 pants and below. There were, however, some nice belts and sweaters for most sizes. Plenty of selection (although in outdated styles) for those of larger proportions.

  16. I was surprisingly underwhelmed by this. People here were hating on Brioni, and while I don’t quite reach the same level of enthusiasm, there is truth in what they say. The shirts were boxy / blousy and the patterns and feel were lame. The pants were respectable-looking, but fit horribly. The pockets of one otherwise nice pair in 32 popped out like elf’s ears. A pair of jeans in 34 fit like I was stepping in to two denim windsocks. (I’m usually a 33.) Unreal. Some of the jackets were nice. I scored a thin, green leather belt for $50. Shirts were $125 a pop; 3 for $100. Same, I think, for pants. Jackets were $600; $500 for two. Knits were average and marked down, but still too expensive for what they were.

    The one stand out were the ties. Very large selection and many very good-looking pieces. $100 a tie. I hope they come down a little more as this thing wears on. If so, I’ll be back for two.

    Vicuna tie? Really? 100%??? There were so many, how did you pick it out?


  17. I want to add that in general the fits and designs were off, very dated. It was almost like Italian couture does Miami Vice.


  18. I was fairly pleased with this sale, other than the wait on the Check-out line. The neckties were in perfect condition, each flat, brand new in one of those tie-shaped plastic wrappers. Very nice designs (if basic).
    If I could go back at a price cut, I’d go for the smallish selection of overcoats. I saw a pure camel hair, a decent bargain at $1,600 (retail $6,300) – at $1000 or less it would’ve been irresistible. There were more sportcoats.
    The women’s selection is limited, but ALL at 85% off even on the first day.
    Really, go to this, it is only once a decade!

    Charlie Channel

  19. The operators of this sale just sent out an email saying that prices have been reduced further.

  20. No the ties did not go down.
    alot of stuff is gone.
    no more pens or briefcases
    1 pair shoes left and they were marked used
    very few belts
    very few outwear – now 80% off instead of 75% off.
    suits marked to 900 or two for 800 each
    tuxs are 800
    i dont believe shorts wen tdown.

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