Hugo Boss Sample Sale

— Mon, 3rd October 2011 —

Through Friday, 10/7, Hugo Boss is hosting a sample sale featuring deep discounts on tailored clothing, sportswear, shoes, and accessories.

Hugo Boss HQ – 601 W 26th St btw 11th & 12th – Suite 845 – Mon-Thurs 9:30-5:30, Fri 9:30-1pm – Map

  1. might check these before venturing to this one.
    “Hugo Boss Factory Made Nazi Uniforms”. The Washington Post. Retrieved January 2, 2011.
    “Hugo Boss Acknowledges Link to Nazi Regime”. The New York Times. August 14, 1997. Retrieved September 29, 2008.
    I don’t really want any clothing emblazoned with the name of the Nazi who made the brown shirts for the SS and uniforms for Hitler Youth.

  2. Didn’t know that. Well, I hope you don’t own a Mercedes or anything made by Mitsubishi.

  3. @ at Anonymous. Everyone should probably avoid cotton from now on too. You know, slavery and all. I went cashmere long time ago (direct from New Zealand). The underwear is a bitch itchy and pills a bit, but what can I say self righteousness has it’s price.
    Oh as for the sale. It’s definitely solid. I went today and selection has a bit picked over, but still loads of basics.
    Blazers $150
    Leather Outerwear $250
    Suits $250
    Shirts $40
    Sweaters $60
    Tons of shoes too.

  4. Anon – give me a break! Do you walk around naked?

    This is usually a great sale. I haven’t gone yet, but will first thing in the morning.

  5. I’m Jewish and no apologist for anti-Semitism, believe me, and I think it’s pretty kosher to wear Boss. And to patronize IBM, Krupps, Mercedes and the rest. The issue I have with Boss is his stuff is mostly boring.


  6. I intended a more subtle point.
    I realize that these companies are now international conglomerates, long divorced from their seedier origins. I see that Germany is the paradigm for national contrition, restitution and moral reckoning…yet this Hugo Boss thing catches in my throat. I mean, that is the very name of the man who was an early Nazi, used slave labor and built his company from the manufacture of Nazi uniforms. I just don’t want his label in my closet …might be like a farmer using Timothy McVeigh brand fertilizer…maybe just a name change would have helped

  7. I hope you not driving Mercedes or VW. And how about american space program, hope you are not using GPS. And how about those IBM? Anyway go f. yourself

  8. went around 4pm today. there’s a lot of stuff, but it’s all one-of-each and real samples. shirts ($40) mostly M or L; one long rack of dress shirts, half of it being variants of the classic white shirt. lots of sport shirts as well, but many were overdesigned. trousers ($50) seemed all size 34, with very few 33’s. lots of blazers available ($150). 2 big tables of sneakers, 1 table of dress shoes (nothing particularly amazing, but nicely priced at $60) — shoe sizes were predominantly US 9, with a few 10’s — note that the shoes seemed like they came from the runway, as they were lightly worn. only 2 ties left by the time i got there, also found 3 pocket squares; a small assortment of belts, mostly casual styles ($18). a few messenger bags and travel bags. sweaters, denim, shorts, swimwear also available. i saw a 3-4 pieces of leather outerwear remaining. no overcoats. @ outline, brands were assorted Boss Black, Hugo, (some) Selection; all priced the same according to category. stock seems pretty decimated by this point, as compared to the review on Racked, but still good stuff left if you look carefully. i picked up 3 dress shirts, a belt, and sandals for $160; not too bad. definitely worth a look if you’re trying to build up the wardrobe, just because of how much stock is available.

  9. Sale wasn’t bad but sizes are limited. I must have found the only 38L blazer there because everything else was 40R.
    Plenty of shoes only in 10. Minimal accessories. Average pants and jeans selection mostly 34 with a few 32 and 33 sprinkled in. Sweaters were below average in large and med. Cotton jackets were mostly 40R with a few 38R. 4 or 5 leather jackets in 38R. Not bad but not great. Enjoy.

  10. For what it’s worth, I saw a Hasidic store in Borough Park carrying a Boss knock-off called something like “Hogo Bass”.


  11. It’s hard to shop if you have morals.
    What’s worse:
    Child labor
    Chinese manufacturing
    Dioxin bleached cotton
    Nazi supporters
    Slave labor
    Blood diamonds
    I can’t think of a brand that doesn’t use at least one of the above.
    Maybe Edun….. Help me out people. How can I shop with a worry free conscience?

  12. What’s immoral per se about Chinese manufacturing? You don’t want the Chinese to prosper?


  13. I believe if you look at Chinese manufacturing there is plenty of morally dubious behavior that you are technically cosigning as a consumer, especially when it comes to workers rights and environmental safety.


  14. Went this afternoon. Still some decent stuff, especially if you are a 33 or 34 waist pant/ 9 or 10 shoe.

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