J. Press Warehouse Sale

— Mon, 24th October 2011 —

Thursday and Friday, 10/27-10/28, J.Press is holding its semiannual warehouse sale, featuring up to 80% off racks and racks of tweedy sportswear. Here‘s what just such an event looks like. Some guys balk at the brand’s conservative cuts, but there’s no denying its quality.

J. Press Warehouse Sale – Onward Kashiyama USA – 530 7th Ave bwtn 38th & 39th – 29th Fl – 11am-6pm Daily – 212-997-3600 – Map

  1. If you’re an alum of Brown or Princeton, run over to the sale today to grab up a scarf in your alma mater’s pattern. They are 70% off. Those were the only US schools I saw in the pile.


  2. The suit selection was lame, the colors were crazy, Shooter McGawin himself would not wear half that stuff, the Masters green jackets were kind of nice though.

    Happy Gilmore

  3. Thanks, Happy. Sounds like I won’t really bother then — last time I went, they didn’t have much in my size anyway (38) although I have in the past picked up Tweed blazers for ~$100.

  4. I did get a scull and crossbones bowtie for $5 however, and they had cufflinks and tie clips for $7 a pop.

  5. Best jacket selection for smaller sizes since I’ve been there this past ear! Snagged a sample harris tweed for $15!

  6. Just checked it out — bought a scarf for $29 – everything is 70% off. Lots of large Shaggy Dog sweaters, only a couple of narrow-ish ties, mostly suits/blazers for larger sizes. If I remember correctly, bigger sales last time they had one in this space – I bought a tweed jacket then for $110 which is $175 today.

  7. No more Princeton scarves – I just bought them all. Lots of colored jackets, fair number of dress pants still left. Lots of Shaggy Dog sweaters. Worth a shot unless you’re looking for very popular stuff (charcoal suit in 38R or 40R or something like that). Ties are not great this go around.

  8. The sale was great. practically empty. Tons of stock too. Grabbed a heavy wool Crombie, 2 wool blazers a wool scarf and 3 pocket squares for around $600. Sick. If you went looking for “fashion” over “tradition”, then you were most likely disappointed. If you knew the score going in, you were rewarded with deeply discounted threads. This was not for the newbies. This one was for the vets.

  9. I had received google alerts etc of another J Press warehouse sale today, 5/3/12 and was really looking forward to it. I showed up, and immediately could tell something was wrong. Turned out the sale was cancelled. To be fair, no one else was there, so I must have missed something. On the other hand while they weren’t exactly rude, they could have been a whole lot nicer: I was made to feel as though I had rang the guy’s home doorbell on a Saturday night, bottle of wine in hand, expecting a nice home cooked dinner when in fact I was never invited to being with and had just committed a major faux pas.

    JPress Man

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