(First?) Thom Browne Sample Sale

— Tue, 1st November 2011 —

Very interesting. Have we ever featured a Thom Browne sample sale? Nothing comes to mind. The first of its kind or not, it’s going down Thursday through Saturday, 11/3-11/5, over on 11th Ave. No pre-sale, a rep promises. Also, despite the markdowns, expect high prices on a wacky assortment of stock. This is Thom Browne, after all.

Thom Browne Sample Sale – 210 11th Ave at 25th St, Suite 500 – Thur, Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 12pm-4pm – Map

  1. They’ve actually had a few secret sample sales in the back of their TiBeCa store.

  2. Matthew – any sense of prices based on what you saw at the secret sales?

  3. Rumor has it that the prices will be really good, not like secret sale in the past

  4. Hmmm…wonder if there’s any truth to that rumor. Any insight into what someone can expect regarding sizes? If these really are samples then I imagine it will be more 2-3, with a minimum of 0-1. Or does Thom prefer his models cropped and shrunken as well?

  5. Prices are really really low, line is really really slow (one in, one out), and there are either resellers or huge Thom Browne fans (both?) in line waiting to buy ‘everything’.

  6. Largo can you give some price points? Suits, ties, shirts? Any word of a restock?


  7. It’s funny, 10 out of the first 12 were Asian.

    The sizes were true sample sizes, 0 and 1s. They had plenty of everything, an entire table of shirts. These were runway samples as well, many pieces with the name of models written on them. I was second in line, and I showed up at 10. By the time I left, there was a line around the corner of the floor. Checkout was extremely slow, with just one cashier.

    Pricing was awesome, 350 for suits, 300 for coats, 40 for shirts. No 4 for 100 deal as far as I could tell.

    This was THE most worthwhile sample sale I’ve been to this year, beating out Jil Sander’s summer sale by a mile.

    Loots: http://imgur.com/a/30UBJ#0

  8. Andy anything in size 3? 0 and 1 in NYC it’s asian males only, forget the males very few females will fit in 0 and 1.

  9. anyone there now at around 1PM and know how long the line is? Wondering if I have time to go there during my lunch hour

  10. How much were blazers and ties? What size suits and blazers were there?

  11. Very little women’s, one rack, and it was going when I left.

    There’s very very little 3 and 4s. I bought a 4 shirt by mistake, so there are some mixed in there, but don’t count on finding them.

    In terms of suit sizes, it’s mostly 0, 1, and a few bigger sizes, but nothing in the 4~5 range. If you are a 3 and want to try your luck, it’s not a bad idea to go.

  12. The line is 1.5 hours – at least – in a long hot hallway – wraps around a few corners – don’t have a 2hr + lunchbreak so couldn’t wait – pretty bummed

  13. I would try my luck there but I dont get out of work till around 530 or 6, which means I aint getting in. Very disappointing I have wanted a Thom Browne tie and shirt for so long, they are just too darn expensive.

  14. No 2’s or 3’s that I saw.

    Lots of cute shoes in Size 10 and up. Got a pair of those and left 🙂

  15. Just got here at 2pm and there is only 4 guys ahead of me. Not sure what’s left but I’ll let y’all know.

  16. If this is becoming a buying forum- Can anyone grab me 6 ties? I love their ties and they are having 6 for $100 if yes email at cymbal2k@aol.com THanks!

  17. I want to know if there are any left- Outline, if you go can you get me and I will reimburse you with cash! Ill give you a little extra! My email is above

  18. Jason I will be there at 4:30pm. Can’t do it any earlier. I’ll get the ties for you no problem. In case if anything is left of course.

  19. Hey. Heading over now, wanted to find out if there is still alot left as far as shirts and jackets (0, 1’s)? How crazy is the line?

  20. Hey fellas, just got back if you’re size 0 or 1 in dress shirts and jackets then there was some inventory for you to look through. Sorry Andy didn’t see your post til just now, I wound up getting a tie ($20) and a vest ($50).

    There was no line when I left. From what I heard they won’t be re-stocking.

  21. Hey Jason,

    From what I saw there were some ties/ bow ties in the center table but didn’t see a lot of variety left. Also forgot to mention they still had some saddle shoes and oxfords for $100, if you’re a size 10 and up you’re in luck.

  22. Sudeva, call me if you can at 1212-372-1879 I would love some ties!!!! Thanks so much man

  23. When I came best thing I saw was a comme des garcons jacket in size S. They have 2 full racks at the back for tommorow, so it is worth it to come early. Got very nice pants and ties. Should’ve got that CDG jacket by the time i went back there was an asian guy all over it. insane piece.

  24. as of 6pm today, there was still a whole table of ties (mostly knit styles) and bow ties — many people seemed to be buying 6 for the $100 deal. a table of patterned oxford shirts, another of just variations of the white shirt. very few pants left (a few pairs hanging on 1 rack). 2 racks of blazers, but all rather unconventional in design. i think i saw 2 suits in total. very little knits left. be aware that pretty much everything (excluding maybe some of the ties) is a sample, with various degrees of yellowing/staining (a lot of the shirts had yellowed collars). no line when i went. i overheard someone asking about restocking, and the answer was no.

  25. Just to reinforce what Iseya said, ties and (mostly samples/runway I assume?) shoes (which have been worn-the soles are pretty scuffed up on most of them) are what’s left in any large number. The remaining knits are largely size 1/S and XS, and if there’s a shirt left larger than a size 1, I didn’t see it. As of about 5, there were a few suits, a few coats and jackets either unfinished, damaged, or samples. Random additions: small rack of womenswear, shirtdresses, and bins of old time-y underwear. Oh and there were a few seemingly large-ish polos as well.

  26. NOTICE: Today is the last day, the Thom Browne sample sale will not be open on Saturday 11/5 as originally scheduled.

  27. Anyone wear a size 11 in a black oxford?
    I bought a size 10 that is really a UK 10.

    It is not a sample one, unworn, sole perfect, etc.
    selling for the $108.75 I paid.


  28. Nick – pls hit me up at giacomo_brown [at] yahoo for a convo re. the size 11s.

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