Gant (Rugger, Bastian) Sample Sale

— Mon, 7th November 2011 —

Here we go! As we mentioned last month, Gant‘s F/W sample sale is alive! Wednesday through Friday (officially), 11/09-11/11, get over to Gant HQ for deep discounts on, well, here‘s what the famed event looks like.

Updated – Contributor Sam Jacobs ventured into guest-list land on Tuesday, and lived to tell the tale:

The GANT F/W 2011 Sample Sale Officially starts Wednesday morning, but we came to find out that they did, in fact have a preview on Tuesday.  I personally headed over late in the day in hopes of catching a few of the items I placed on my wish list, and any other gems I may find.  What I found instead was a picked through mess of brilliant sample sales of the past. There was a miniscule assortment remaining of both Rugger & Michael Bastian pieces.  The rest was filled with the same assortment of basics and collection pieces that have failed to sell in the past.  Nothing, really to write home about.  Perhaps this is a testament to the booming popularity of the brand.  When I first started going to these sales, they were only just starting to gain steam.  Or perhaps the GANT Sample Sale has finally jumped the shark… The prices are as good as ever.  And if you really have patience, they will drop on Friday.  I picked up some socks.  I saw the Prince of Whales sport jacket I wanted walking out the door ahead of me.  I was tempted momentarily to kick his ass and steal it when I got outside, but he may have been one of our readers.  Nothing else really jumped out at me.  Perhaps it’s time I personally moved on to obsessing over a different sample sale (first it was J.Crew, then GANT, then…?)  Or perhaps my closet is just full enough…

Gant Sample Sale – Gant Showroom – 20 W 55th St between 5th & 6th – 11 fl – Wed-Thur 8:30am-6:30pm, Fri 8:30am-5pm – 212-230-1949 Map

  1. apologies. you asked for what kinds. I’ll ignored that part of your query. You’re basically looking at loafers (black and brown), brown suede brogues (very nice), soft-soled tan desert boots, some forgettable rubber soled loafers (ghastly), some casual white Spring Court knock-off’s (not awful) and some mid-calf boots. All in all, there was a rather generous selection of footwear. Worth the trip at $45 bucks a pop

  2. really wanted that bright orange parka. wish they had it in a small. got two rugger solid oxfords, a striped rugger sweater, and the only pair of cashmere socks i could find (argyle). my total was $137 i believe. if you’re a medium and need outerwear you should definitely go. if you like the word gant or the gant logo on your clothing you should go, too.

  3. Got 2 pairs of pants, but the rugger/bastian stuff is pretty much all gone at this point. As far as restocking, I asked 2 separate employees who said they’d only be restocking pants at this point. Stlil a great deal, but majorly disappointing compared to years past.

  4. I find these negative reviews amusing. I have been to each of these sales over the course of the last 3 years. This sale is no better or worse than in the past. For example, the bastian stuff was mostly medium on the preview day during the S/S sale as well. Just slightly different stock, which is to be expected at a sample sale.

    More overcoats this year, which at 100 bucks are a steal. A number of blazers as well, all size 50. Similar stock in sweaters and shirts. And there were a lot more shoes.

    In any event, I anticipate going back late in the week once the cut prices.

    If you have been to this sale before, and know what to expect it is worth the trip.

  5. Agree w/Brent. Also starting to regret not copping the last bastian down snorkel jacket, but can’t rock the fur. Anyone know if they restocked and rugger or bastian the past couple sales>

  6. So it appears you WERE able to go yesterday?? Sigh, I wish I tried.

    For the first time EVER, the line was out the door…like, out the building door. Didn’t take long to get in though; selection wasn’t as good as last year (probably because all you guys got them yesterday, haha), but there’s always one area that is always good. That area this year is shoes ($25/pair). They had some great desert boots for sale as well!

    Got myself a tie ($20) and a belt ($20) for work. I don’t need as much stuff now thanks to the past Gant sales, but I’d go back once the mayhem dies down today.

  7. I arrived on time and got upstairs about 8:45. Personally, I thought the merchandise ranged from middling to crap, except for the shoes, which were decent. Prices were good, but so what? Most of the tops were vandalized by silly labels. Vast majority of pants were 34/34, a few decent pairs. Decent loafers and chukkas. Unless it was a totally different game yesterday, when the cognoscenti got in, I have no idea why this sale is a big freak out. Well, I did talk to a woman on the way out, who said previous years were way better…


  8. what type of fit should i get if i’m a regular medium, and dont want slim fit? anyone have pix of the outerwear, pants, or shirts?

  9. Does anyone what kind of discounts will be coming on Thursday and Friday?

  10. Yesterday was the ticket. I got 2 pants (only 2 with 36″ waist I could find. If you’re a 34, you score), 4 sweaters, 4 button down shirts, 2 jackets, an overcoat, a killer pair of shoes, a hat a scarf, great stuff. The rugger stuff was all Mediums, most of the nicer sweaters were mediums, so none for me. Most of the women’s stuff was size 6. There were no Rugby shirts and what not that you usually get at the Spring sale. There was virtually no one there last night at 4:30. From now on, I’m going the day before the announced day, just in case, if I don’t get in, then whatever. I’ll head back on Friday for the super deals. I was told an additional half price.

  11. Stopped by this morning. Designer stuff (Rugger, Bastian) was well picked over except for a few fun t shirts. Shoes were the best deals left – especially some decent, very comfortable desert boots for $25. Main label Gant is not very appealing.

  12. Surprisingly enough, there were some great selections (yesterday at least) in the Gant mainline section as well. You just had to have a good eye, sacrifice some of your time and whip out the elbow grease and find those suckers. Anything worth having takes work. There were some great sweaters, really hefty wool pants, lots of belts and scarves as well as a slew of overcoats that seemed more substantial than any of the Rugger and Bastian stuff, to be honest. So, sleep at your own risk gents.

  13. Just there pretty well cleaned out:(
    Last year I got great scarves shirts etc on preview day
    Next year I’m going on ‘ private’ day!!

    Gant chaser

  14. Very disappointing – espcially being a huge fan of the Rugger and Michael Bastian lines. I arrived today, Wednesday – and there was nothing in my size. To be fair, I was told there never WAS anything in my size (Small – 5’9, 137 lbs – 28 waist, 14 1/2 – 32 shirt) – so I wasn’t terribly crushed. I would have snagged a pair of the desert boots or some cool sock had there been any left (they had boots – but sized to most locked out NBA players). If you are a M or L – I guess it’s worth it if you have time to pick and hunt. The selection on the past 2 GILT sales was actually better.

  15. Very disappointed in the sale. Seems like on preview day EVERYTHING rugger and bastian was picked over..

  16. Yes, I went on preview day. But I didn’t go until I found out about it from some of you. Looks like some of you got some good stuff. Wear it in good health!

  17. women’s items reduced tomorrow.

    men’s / children’s remain the same

  18. Decent sale if you’re a large, otherwise, I’d steer clear. Went today after work and this sale has been righteously picked over. Only thing left in M’s were bright sweaters and 5 rainbow striped shirts. 90% of stock left is GANT mainline. I also asked the staff and there is no restock planned for men’s items.

  19. got a superb cashmere coat. nice blazer, few sweaters, vest and few shirts. good stuff.

  20. @nacho who are those boots by? Where were they hidden?! I was there Tuesday, did not see them.

    Damn, damn, damn

  21. Typical Gant sale, the bastian and rugger stuff goes immediatly the mainline stuff stays around and is marked down. Most of the staff is great and very helpful. Unfortunately the employee doing security detail on the bags yesterday morning around 9:00 was the rudest person Ive ever encountered at a sample sale

  22. Purschased some dope orange suede Gant gloves yesterday size Large, is anyone interested or interested in a trade for a Medium? Looking to sale at same price $20

    Also looking to trade or sell Wome’s desert boots, size 6, they were a bit too small for my significant other, $45

    Anyone interested please email me at

  23. Please could some one tell me were this sale is located an how do ι̊ get in ι̊ do ι̊ need α ticket ?

  24. quite cleaned out when i went today, as previously noted. i found all of 2 Rugger t-shirts in L; everything else was mainline Gant. all that great outerwear that were mentioned must have all been snagged on Wed, because i only found maybe 5 blazers remaining, and no jackets other than thin nylon versions. most of the shirts were L. still plenty of belts and ties remaining though. an ok assortment of hats; 2-3 scarfs, a few pairs of shoes. i was expecting as much, so wasn’t too disappointed.

  25. @ marie Gant Sample Sale – Gant Showroom – 20 W 55th St between 5th & 6th – 11 fl – Wed-Thur 8:30am-6:30pm, Fri 8:30am-5pm – 212-230-1949

    I find this information by scrolling to the top of the page. 🙂

  26. Nacho – I tried those on Tuesday – sick boots, but they didn’t fit – glad they work for you

  27. did anybody else notice the Terry Richardson doppelganger working the sale?

  28. 2 rugbys and a belt for 80. Im not gonna cry for that price to deepen my wardrobe

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