George McCracken Sample Sale

— Wed, 9th November 2011 —

Thursday through Saturday, 11/10-11/12, get to Peregrine Showroom for deep discounts on some hansom brands, including George McCracken, Oliver Spencer, 8.15 August Fifteenth, Whillas & Gunn, Gilded Age, … Call us crazy, we’d take this event over Gant’s intensely-hued preppy extravaganza.

Peregrine Showroom Sample Sale – 89 5th Ave btw 15th & 16th – Suite 902 – 212-229-2446 – Thurs-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm – Map

  1. This event sounds good, but let’s not start knocking the Gant sale. If you went on VIP day and stuck to the Bastian/Rugger stuff you had a lot of well-constructed, wearable items and there were lots muted colors in the shirts/sweaters.

  2. I wouldn’t think a sale like this will have a line at all to be honest, none of these brands have that big of a following. Well if you want to I guess you can get there at 6 and wait…

  3. Amazing selection of shirting and outerwear. Some jeans in select sizes. Some random accessories/shoes/bags. Everything’s of quality. Nabbed an excellent waxed cotton jacket for $50. No tax on cash purchases, 4.5% on credit purchases.

  4. $50 for outerwear is good. Were the rest of the prices to scale?


  5. Just got back from the sale. The prices are different depending on the brand. I picked up a cashmere cardigan from George McCracken for $75 and a club collar oliver spencer shirt for $70. Good selection of shirts and outerwear. A few pairs of shoes, but nothing worthwhile. Some bags, belts, hats, gloves. There is also some women’s stuff in case you want to tell your girlfriends/wives.

  6. @RK i shop sample sales because I am poor. Accordingly, I have no girlfriend or wife; thanks for reminding me I am a l0ser.

    kidding, thanks for the info!


  7. Just got back myself. Not really anything interesting unless you like linen. a few decent sweaters, no real pants to speak of. Outerwear was nice, but nothing really was just a must have. Perhaps after Tahari and Gant and a few others I’m just spent this season.

  8. no idea what rich is talking about. lots of nice stuff. plenty of sweaters, outerwear, pants, jeans, bags. one pair of shoes left. not dirt cheap, but worth checking out.

  9. Srod is right; good stuff. And if youre not familiar with Whillas and Gunn, try it on. It looks speculative on the rack, but it looks killer when you put it on.

  10. agreed with Scrod and Um. Whillas and Gunn stuff is amazing. And the jackets at only $50 each- a steal when they retail over $300 each- I bought two as well as a shirt and bag $35 each. solid stuff at great prices.

  11. Lot of Chimala there too, by the way. Solid stuff made in Japan (mostly), largely in the same aesthetic as the other brands there. Lots of solid denim from them and Gilded Age, too.

    Personally I went for McCracken but all that’s there is shirting, black cashmere cardigans and two other sweaters, and one bitchin’ coat with no price tag.

  12. This is a good sale. Some interesting brooklyn bartender / bear wrestler / food and beard magazine garb available. An extremely organized and pleasant shopping experience.

  13. This was the best sale I’ve been to in a year. There is a kernel of truth in what db wrote, but I think the styles and quality were quite strong, and the prices were absurd — they took an additional 25% off at 1:00 PM today. I walked away with something like 10 items — a sweater, and pants, shirts and jackets — for just under $400.


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