Gilded Age Sample Sale

— Mon, 28th November 2011 —

Wednesday through Saturday, 11/30-12/03, get to Gilded Age‘s semiannual sample sale, featuring denim and pants for $60-$120, jackets for $80-$120, outerwear for $100-$150; shirts for $40-$50; tee & polos for $10-$50; … Oh, and keep an eye out for 100% wool, shawl-collar pea coats down from $600 to $150. Here‘s what a Gilded Age sample sale looks like. Pre-sale? Not likely. Stefan –Gilded’s founder, creative director, and the nicest guy in the business — doesn’t host pre-sales.

Gilded Age Sample Sale – 580 Broadway btwn Houston & Prince – 9th fl, Suite #912 – Wed-Fri 10am-7:30pm, Sat10am-4pm – 212-228-7747 – Map

  1. There is a much better selection this time around. A ton of fall merchandise from the current season – alpaca scarves and hats great for gifting, cashmere sweaters, heavy outerwear pieces, luxurious wovens and knits and as always great jeans.

  2. The new banner ads at the top of the page are huge and kind of overwhelming. Appreciate that you need to cover your costs, but… would it be possible to make this a little less intrusive?

  3. downright – you actually chose to craft that comment and then post it? you got problems, man. PROBLEMS.

  4. anyone update on the outerwear selection? i’m looking for more heavier pieces in size M. thanks

  5. decent amount of outerwear in M (main size for it) – some heavier pieces for 200. Tons of jeans, a bunch of good shirts and an assorted collection of sweaters.


  6. Good sample sale! If you’re in the market for jeans, definitely go to Gilded Age for top notch denim around 60ish dollars! Bought myself an awesome fall/winter-weight utility jacket, yeah the outerwear selection is pretty good. Peacoats and heavier outerwear is in the 180-220 range. Great shirt selection as well, including some really awesome ones in which the sleeve design is slightly different from the torso. The organization is really efficient so you won’t have to spend too much time sorting things out. Definitely go!


  7. Great stuff and nice people, this is by far one of the best sample sales of the year

  8. agreed. stopped by and picked up a fall/winter waxed utility dark green jacket for $160. they had loads of denim and i noticed a lot of denim/chambray shirting too. also snagged an alpaca scarf for $40. so bomb. they prefer cash but also take cc. definitely worth checking out.

  9. Wango, I’m pretty sure I got the same thing. Question, did the belt on yours come with a loop? Mine doesn’t have one so I’m wondering if I lost it. Help! Thanks.


  10. NotJeff, do you mean did the jacket come w/loops for the belt or did the belt have a metal loop attachment? yes for both. i know that out of 3 of the same jackets left 1 of them had different details like buttons, hood color.

  11. I heard there may be a chance that this could happen, but definitely better to get in for some of the better stuff.

  12. In the past I don’t recall them ever dropping prices, but I usually went the first day and Stefan is already willing to go down in price if you are the haggler type.

  13. Stefan was willing to lower the prices if buying more than one item – must note again that everything is of excellent quality

  14. Wango, thanks a lot! I actually found the jacket on the GQ site (took forever) and yeah I’m missing the metal room. Oh well! Out of curiosity guys, how far was Stefan willing to lower the price? I got a small discount, but I might actually go back today so I’m just wondering. Thanks!


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