Housing Works “Action” Sale

— Thu, 17th November 2011 —

Through Saturday, 11/19, get to Housing Works’ “Fashion For Action” event featuring up to 70% off over 100 top designers, including Burberry, DVF, Dolce & Gabbana, Levi’s, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Prada, Theory, … Last time around, some readers made out really well.

Housing Works “Fashion For Action” Event – The Altman Building – 135 W 18th St btw 6th & 7th – 11am-7pm Daily – Map

  1. Not as good as last year… Black Fleece suit $570 vs $150 last year, Black Fleece navy trench $600 vs $150 last year, Black Fleece wool pants $350 vs $75 last year. Walk out empty handed.

  2. Stopped by around lunch time…Not particularly crowded. Agree with other commenters. Prices were not cheap. However, there was a decent selection of Band of Outsiders ties for $40 and some interesting Thom Browne shoes (~$250) and shirts. Not necessarily interesting in a good way though. Lots of black fleece button downs for $60. Various Theory/Vince/Varvatos shirts and sweaters in the $80-200 price range. Some 7 jeans for $60. Lots of selection and variety, but no steals and nothing fantastic. There was also lots of dept store crap mixed in (timberland, dkny, perry ellis).

  3. Thanks for the breakdown EJ. Was the shoe/boot selection basically limited to the “interesting” Thom Brown pairs? Anything Varvatos?

  4. A few pairs of varvatos loafers…Didn’t check price or sizes. Also some y-3 boots. Forgot to mention there was also a lot of marc jacobs shirts and blazers ($150).

  5. Black Fleece suits were down 25% (originally 570). All the Black Fleece stuff has been sent to the Housing Works places around the city. Checked 23rd St and wasn’t anything, but the Chelsea shop had some. They’re still being sold at $570 at HW though. Asked a SA and she said that they may get marked down, but that they’d probably sell all of them before they needed to discount them.

  6. Man…last year was just pure gold at this sale. The Chelsea location had so much dam merch that i really didn’t when to stop. I missed this year but based on the reviews i’m really glad i did. Cheers.