Nigel Cabourn, Stone Island Sample Sale!

— Fri, 11th November 2011 —

Truth time. Never before, in nearly four years of running this site, have we been so tempted to keep a sale to ourselves. Why? One name: Nigel Cabourn. Yep, Monday through the following Monday, 11/14-11/21, M5 Showroom is hosting a sample sale featuring C.P. Company, Stone Island — both of which we respect, but can often be had around wholesale at Century21 — Drumohr, Boglioni, and, yes, military-inspired menswear God Nigel Cabourn.

M5 Showroom Sale – 375 West Broadway btw, Suite 500 – Cash Only – 10am-6pm Daily – 212-334-4744 ‎ – Map

  1. you can get Stone Island at Century 21???

    maybe I should actually go there one day.

    also, my gf is going to be stunned by the size of the wad in my pants on Monday morning as I head over to this sale.


  2. @GordonGartrell yes they have started to get back Stone Island back at Century 21. Nothing subtle though.

  3. @GordonGartrell – I assume you’re referring to the fact that it’s cash only. That always bugs me. Who carries around that much cash?

  4. @GordonGartrell, I appreciate your handle. You’re a true Cosby enthusiast.

  5. yeah, are we talking hundreds of dollars, or something on the less expensive side?

  6. I mean, budget yourselves accordingly. Even at 50% off retail for nigel cabourn or stone island, the sale prices can range from $150 to $500+.

  7. um, the jackets for nigel cabourn were $790+. the really cool pieces were already claimed by people @ 10:10 am when I got there, and I guess they brought thousands of dollars in cash to pay for them. i saw a lot of size 48s in the jackets, as well as some blazers and knitwear. i left empty handed. no line, no hassle, no amazing deals.

  8. there were 2 Cabourn jackets left on the racks when I got there at 10:05. A bunch of them were scooped up a la Barney’s Warehouse methodology and being tried on by a few asian dudes. No Stone Island outerwear- just some knits, which were about 30-50% off.



  9. Agreed, not the best selection and the prices were really high. Boglioli selection was good but jackets were about 700 and up, other than a few cotton ones for 400ish, shirting around 165. Also left empty handed

  10. Past couple of weeks have made me alternately angry I have a job, or just pissed at these early sale hoarders.

  11. Just to echo: a lot of beautiful stuff, but not exactly Sample Sale Prices. The Shearling jacket for $1000+, for instance….

  12. @o_0 Prices for this sale notwithstanding, between this and the Thom Browne sale it seems like there’s a posse of early risers with all the free time in the world who’ve buying up most/all of the stock first thing in the morning. I don’t know if they’re brand enthusiasts or eBay dudes, but when the earliest I can hit most of these sales is after work @5:00 or so, it does kind of ruin the fun. And I wouldn’t even dream of throwing down with the ladies who hit the men/women’s sales. They line up before I’m even out of bed.

  13. It’s funny how someone mentioned Asian guys, I’m not even Asian but I have to defend them, and say the most aggressive sample sale shoppers actually are the white dudes. Today as an example, I got there around 10:05, and there were two white dudes covered the entire table with Nigel Cabourn stuff and gave me some nasty look when I touched the clothes. The NC rack was pretty much empty at that time because everything was being held by those couple of guys, and of course they all left with ONE piece after holding 10 pieces for an hour.

  14. Uhm… we’re talking about a hyper-buzzed -hard to find on sale ever- brand like NC. Of course the kids are gonna go early, don’t complain. Tell your boss you have to go to a doctor’s appointment if you really want to check it out or buy full price like a real gentleman.

    There were a lot of jackets (maybe 10/15) and yes, it was mildly annoying to see them piled up by two kids on one side of the room so that they could get their pick. I didn’t have that kind of cash anyway, so I didn’t even bother. Something tells me that those jackets are still there, but who knows… All the Tumblr kids love their posts about NC, but $680 for a cameraman still seems out of their budget.

    I got the only pair of NCxAnt Mercantile pants that was there for 165 (which I just realized have damaged braces so fuck me) and a beanie for 35 bucks. I wanted one of those 2000 dollars fisherman bags (that they sell for 6xx). Now I wonder if they’ll drop prices on whatever’s left at the end of the week.

  15. @largo totally agree. I remember last year when Penny Stock/Billykirk had a sale in SoHo; I went after work the 2nd day and there was still TONS of stock, in all sizes and colors.

    i guess things have changed.

    thanks for clarifying, though!

  16. @D Heh, true. Not surprised in the least, just venting. Generally we’re fairly friendly on CB. Plus to be fair I totally was ‘that guy’ last summer at one of the Jil sales, which I guess makes me a hypocrite! And for that matter, I did get a bunch of ties at TB for uh….90% off so I guess I shouldn’t be bitchin’ about that either!

  17. i didnt have the cash on me for one of those NC jackets either, but it would’ve been nice to at least try one on. oh well, at least i got to touch one before I realized that the large pile of NC jackets ‘belonged’ to some dood. btw, the material felt really, really good guys!

  18. So, would it be safe to assume one should steer clear of this one? I’d rather not waste valuable time if it’s already a) picked over and b) over-priced. A little help?

  19. It’s a sample sale guys! We can’t get upset at these things. It appeared that this was the first time this showroom held a sale such as this. I’m sure they have taken notes and will improve their system the next time around (if there is one).

    With that said, I think CB needs to add a page dedicated to sample sale etiquette.

    e.g. – Do not claim a section of the sale to yourself and pile up clothes. Only what you can carry.

  20. This sale was nowhere near good enough for a few of you dudes to get so worked up. While it’s true that the Nigel rack was wiped out by 10:05, I’d say almost all of it was back roughly 20 minutes later (and in that time, most items were tried on by multiple people). Regarding the table situation, there were 2 small tables on each side of the room & virtually everyone used those to store the items they were trying on. Since there was one central mirror away from those tables, it obviously led to confusion as to what items were who’s, but was still a much better solution than 20 dudes dropping all their items on the floor in the middle of a relatively small room and then jostling each other for access to the mirror while tripping over each others stacks of clothes. While I left emptyhanded, I was able to try on most of what I was curious about.

    And although I only skimmed through the comments, I don’t recall anyone thanking The Choosy Beggar for publishing this in the first place. I get the feeling he could have had the whole place to himself if he kept his mouth shut about this sale & instead of dudes acting like drama queens on this board, it might be more productive for people to say thanks for being tipped off about this happening in the first place. So for my part, thanks CB.

  21. i can see tomorrow’s metro news: asian mafia hit sample sale, one eyewitness said it what the white boys that did it. regardless of race, etiquette is not something one picks up at a website. it seems, one can dress like a gentleman at 10:00 and turn into a label whore at 10:05! mee-owww

  22. I meant to be there at 10:00 AM and got totally screwed by a series of events, showing up late at 11:30. That’s when I realized all of the NC and most of the Boglioli and Drumohr stuff was very expensive. So, just to assuage the gnawing, can anyone let me know if I missed any extraordinary-priced items from those labels during the first 1.5 hours? Thanks!

    I did score a beautiful Drumohr scarf for $70, which was a mistaken low price that the organizers had the integrity to honor nonetheless. Kudos to them for that, and for a great selection in general.


  23. Off-topic

    @ Brainclub: Styleforum has a great smiley that eats popcorn awaiting drama to unfold. LOVE it!

  24. I got there right at 10am. It is true that some guys who happen to be of the Asian persuasion had a stack of Cabourn jackets piled high. There was still some nice pieces available. I grabbed a nice beautiful blue Mackintosh trench that NC made that never made it into production. They’ll do it again in the Spring. Early bird gets the Cabourn

  25. Got there this morning some good Nigel Stuff left. I got a cameraman jacket, and fair isle sweater. In barneys would have spent $3000, but spent barely over $1000. I called that a f’in good deal.

    + Drumohr which most have no clue about, but most will find a year later.

    And the Nigel Shearling is awesome for a little over $1000, its $3600 in Barneys.

  26. Will there be price drops as it gets further into the sale.
    How is the Boglioli selection? Smaller sizes i.e. 40 and under?

  27. Anyone know if the Drumohr scarves have come down from ~$110 for wool and ~$180 for cashmere?


  28. As of last night, it was all about the same as reported. No markdowns to speak of based on what you guys have said. Big ass showroom with one rack of knits and some outerwear from Stone Island and CP Company (didn’t catch any ‘signature’ materials like ice jackets or liquid reflective/silk), mostly knits and shirts. Maybe ten Cabourne items left? Few cameraman jackets, that shearling, two sweater vests, and I believe a few more jackets. And a few bags of various sizes. Still a good amount of Drumohr and Boglioli, too. Few other labels too, which I don’t recall (or were mentioned, I believe). Super nice staff though.

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