Penfield USA Fall Sale

— Thu, 17th November 2011 —

Friday through Sunday, 11/18-11/20, Penfield USA is hosting its semiannual “sample sale” featuring up to 60% light jackets, vests, shirts, bags, hats, … Here‘s what one typically finds at such an event — And make no mistake, what they lack in crazy markdowns, they more than make up for in reasonably-priced, highly-wearable outerwear.

Penfield sale – Reed Space – 151 Orchard St between Stanton & Rivington – Fri-Sat 12pm-7pm, Sun 12pm-6pm – 212-253-0588 – Map

  1. What what, friends ‘n family presale in ya butt. 5-7 TONIGHT – when all the good goods gonna go. act like ya know somebody.

  2. F&F tonight? Do I need to say anything in particular or can you walk right in?

  3. Just stood in line for a half hour. The line barely moved an inch. I’m a fan of their stuff but not enough to stand on the street for hours at a time.

  4. I know what you mean Joe, after waiting for half an hour I almost left as well. However the line eventually did get going and after standing in line for an hour I eventually got in. Wound up getting a John Bartlett denim jacket ($80) that was a collaboration with Penfield that apparently didn’t go into production. Sales guy there mentioned that it would’ve retailed for $500 so you can’t beat the value. Almost talked myself into getting one of their down vests (also $80) but decided not to.

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