Simon Spurr Sample Sale

— Wed, 16th November 2011 —

Steven Alan and his “annex” brands too casual for you? Thursday through Saturday (officially), 11/17-11/19, Simon Spurr‘s hosting his F/W sample sale featuring deep discounts on some of the sexiest ready-to-wear on the market. Here and here are how the most recent events went down.

Simon Spurr Showroom – 210 11th Ave btw 24 & 25, Suite 903 – 9am-6pm Daily – 212-796-5431 x21 – Map

  1. I LOVE Simon Spurr’s aesthetic, have a pair of raw SPURR jeans and have been to a runway show of his, but, I’m a Spurr sample sale newbie. So, on a scale of Barney’s Warehouse sale to the Gant Sample sale in good years, where’s Spurr rank? Gotta Gant by MB suit at last week’s Gant sale for under $200 and an Aquacashmere Isaia blazer at last Barney’s sale…I mention that because I know alot of guys have been down on both lately…

  2. I am a big fan of the sale. The button down shirts are normally slim pickings and in the past were about $125 for a simon spurr and a lot less for a spurr one. Last time they had lots of polos for $35 or so. Good selection of jeans. The last time they had cotton/linen spurr jeans for $40. Simon spurr raw jeans were about $125. In the past they have also had runway samples of some nice coats and sport jackets. Also had some weird patterned suits at the last one. The last day prices go down a bit. Maybe 25% lower. Also on the last day I think they might make deals if you are getting a lot.

  3. $75 Simon Spurr and Spurr jeans!!!
    $90 Spurr button up shirts, $180 for Simon Spurr. Some great outerwear from leather to pea coats, $440-$1400.
    Sweatshirts, sweat pants, sweaters from $125-$300.
    A few size 38 and 40 suits $800 and up.
    A handful of blazers sizes 38-40- and one navy 42, $400-$800
    Ben is INSANELY nice and helpful…it’s a very small room, with only one small changing area, but it’ll do.
    They DO have stock in the back, so just ask…worth checking out if you love Simon Spurr’s offerings.
    No line, no wait, no problem.
    BTW-the denim is TOO notch and retails for $180-$300…it’s a STEAL!

  4. Obviously meant TOP NOTCH…and I just saw some SS denim on Park and Bond for $375…so there…
    : )

  5. Hey Breakneckz,

    How were they on stock as far as jeans go? Did it seem like they had size 32 or 33? I’m not going to be able to go today but planning on stopping by tomorrow.

  6. Checked it out this morning. Less denim than last time, but still plenty. Didn’t see any Simon Spurr (as opposed to SPURR) dark indigo denim except for bootcut stuff though. Otherwise there were various options in all sizes. Always plenty of great stock, but I go every time and have yet to buy anything. I will say they have the nicest staff of any sale I’ve been to.

  7. @Greg-DEFINITELY worth stopping by! They have small and large sizes as well as backstock…so, yes.

  8. Hey Breakneckz,

    Thanks again for the info on the sale. I wound up getting a pair of an older pair of SPURR jeans for $25! And you were right, the people there couldn’t have been any nicer.


  9. Closed out the sale today. Still many nice pairs of pants and a couple of good knits. Extremely nice staff. Great sale.


  10. Just got an email from Spurr, the same sale is extended until Tuesday and prices are 30% off.

  11. Got a lovely heavy black Spurr Tweed jacket for the additional 30%. Thanks for the heads up!
    and yes staff are great 🙂

  12. Did they receive new stock or are they just trying to move the leftover pieces from the previous three days?

  13. I called and they said it’s mostly going to be what they already had out. They restocked some stuff, but that was about it.