Steven Alan Sample Sale

— Tue, 15th November 2011 —

Here we go. Thursday through Sunday (officially), 11/17-11/20, Steven Alan‘s hosting his world famous sample sale featuring up to 75% off F/W stock, along with annex offerings from Loomstate, Sophomore, Relwen, Gilded Age, Bentley Cravats ties, Rogan, Loomstate, Hyden Yoo, Generic Surplus, … As you can see here, here and here, opinions varied widely on the merit of recent events. Pre-sale, Wednesday night? Well…

Steven Alan Sample Sale – 87 Franklin St btwn Broadway & Church – 212-343-0692 – Thurs-Fri 8:30am-8pm, Sat 11pm-7pm, Sun 11pm-5pm – Map

  1. Given past sample sales I would say there is a high likelihood of a Wednesday pre-sale.

  2. Obviously I didn’t hear it from this site, but what time might one expect the pre-sale to start?

  3. @Steve: 4pm would be dead on (given previous years).

    But just a word of caution: Pre-sale for steven alan does not necessarily mean good items. They restock constantly so it’s a good idea to keep revisiting throughout the week (i.e. last year, I bumped into a Post Overalls vest on the 3rd day that I didn’t see during the pre-sale). Also, prices are cut later in the week.

  4. Cool thanks Nick for the heads up. I was just on their website and they’re saying it starts tomorrow.

  5. Jay- I haven’t had a problem getting in the last two years but even if they ask you for an invite just say you left it at the office.

  6. just got back. i think its official…steven alan is dead.

    at 4:15, the line was 5 people long. no problem getting in.

    same layout as in the past…everything steven alan is downstairs. lots more shirts than the last few sales…and more single needle which was nice. but the prints were lame and old. and at $78 a piece, there isnt much value there. steven alan shirts are so numerous that $50 is a stretch these days. i couldnt find one shirt i was interested in.

    i looked at the other steven alan stuff…ok but prices arent good enough.

    upstairs, cardigan, relwen, hyden yoo…all crap.

    i left empty handed after 10 minutes inside. first time ive done that since 2003.

  7. I avoided the shirts, but made out well with a vest, leather gloves and a scarf. Tons of mediocre shirts which feel overpriced at $78. For me, the shirts are just cut too wide in the waist when compared to more modern clothing lines. Pricing for other items is too high given that most of this stuff is wardrobe filler.

  8. I went to the sale after work around 5:30 and it wasn’t crowded. I was really happy to see the amount of jackets on sale: Peacoats, Macs, Windbreakers, Down Jackets, Reversible vests. I wound up getting a cotton peacoat, a Mirage (grey) leather jacket, cashmere beanie and a tie for $250. There were a ton of shirts but I was too preoccupied looking at coats.

    There were a lot of sneakers/footwear selections as well: Nike, Vans, Superga, Birkenstock and several other brands I can’t recall right now.

    As far as the demise of the sale goes, I guess there’s some truth to that as far as the shirts go. Seems like a lot of the same styles I’ve seen from sales past and at $78, that’s just not as appealing as it used to be. However, I can’t complain with my haul today.

  9. I went last night, in my honest opinion it was the best sample sale SA has had for years.. Great options for outerwear, footwear, jumpers and also pants( got this seasons Yukon style and they fit great on me ) The only down side is the continuous use of prior season shirts, they are brought out each time and I wish he had more of his recent stuff. Worth going though.

  10. I just got back. I was there from 11:20 to 12:00 there was a line to get in although there was more movement in the way out (lunch crowd I suppose)
    I score a pair of Rivieras for 10 buck and and Birkenstocks for $38 (thx Greg).
    Also got two Onia surf trunks for $25 each (it’s marked $33 but I guess it’s reduced already? or the cashier lady wanted to even it out at 100 bucks).
    Funny how as far a winter gear it feels empty, not that many options at all.

  11. sale was terrible. I doubt I make the trip again. Also I am spoiled coming from the Gant sale last week everything seems expensive. where you can slim wool trousers for 20 dollars and rugger shirts for 30

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