The News Fall Sale

— Tue, 15th November 2011 —

It’s not officially sale season until The News joins the fun. Thursday through Saturday, 11/17-11/19, the showroom is hosting its semiannual sale featuring deep discounts on Clu, Cheap Monday, Anniel, Eternal Child, Drug Money Art, Creative Growth For Everybody, Tim, Common Projects, R13, Sacai, … Nope, No Band. They host their own sample sales, these days.

The News Showroom Sale – 495 Broadway btwn Broome & Spring, 5th fl – 10am-6pm Daily – 212-925-9700 – Map

  1. Anyone know what footwear is typically like at this? Is the Common Projects selection typically just sneakers, or do they include some of their other footwear as well? I assume prices aren’t mind-blowingly low at this either.

  2. @Unsanforized: Depends if they have any overstock? What happened in previous years when they used to carry EG was that they ordered more than they could sell, so the rest of the inventory was pushed to the sample sale. Wouldn’t hurt to give them a call.

  3. In past sales, they have had some non-sneaker Common Projects shoes, some oxfords and such. I recall they landed ~ $150. The more recent sales haven’t had any but sneakers, though, in my memory.

  4. this sale was awesome. pants were 30, (unless you got some from the $1 jean pile) sweaters for 40-50 and all the common project shoes you could ever imagine. too bad they didn’t have any sizes for the shoes. they organized everything in the sale very neatly.. not as hectic as other sample sales. i copped a pair of cheap monday boots.

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