American Apparel Warehouse Sale

— Wed, 14th December 2011 —

Friday, 12/16, through the 27th, American Apparel is throwing a massive warehouse sale featuring 90% off tons and tons of colorful basics. This one’s for all of you who yearn for those sales where you can replace your entire wardrobe for under $100.

American Apparel Warehouse Sale – 766 Sixth Ave btw 25th & 26th – 9am-9pm Daily – Map


  2. in all seriousness, there is nothing “gross” about this sample sale in the least (except it’ll be crowded). Look, while i may not wear AA garb myself, i can still appreciate that their clothes are made in the USA. So fine, they appeal to clueless 16 year olds with painted on stretch jeans, and they singularly defined “disposable clothing” in the 00’s, but here’s the good news: If gold lame stretch pants and retro fetishistic 70’s running shorts make you wretch, you’ll have a mountain of other perfectly suitable attire to pull from. AA makes simple basics (now) at a inexpensive price point. where is the gripe?

  3. hmmm, being that my girlfriend has managed 2 of their stores, a few of my friends worked at headquarters in LA, and several other friends have held other “positions” in the company, I think I have a valid platform to stand on when i say gross. The clothing might be fine, some of their basics are nice, but what and who the company stands for, is disgusting.

    Also, American Apparel warehouse sale in NYC… “Livin’ in a hipster’s paradise….”

  4. @DovForPrez i empathize with your position and experience, but the ethics of AA (which I’m sure are pretty despicable) don’t seem the issue as is the cultural association (“hipsterdom” if you will). I personally find the hiring system to be “gross”. The store layout is “gross”. And most of their attempts at designing off their tried and true path of basics is definitely “gross”. but t-shirts? underwear? socks? how can something so essential and harmless be “gross”?

  5. @brainclub. thats my point. the clothes themselves are fine; its the rest of it that gets me. We are on the same page.

  6. I see. For some reason I read that differently.
    Glad were in agreement.

  7. Huge selection. Tons of sizes. Most discounts 40-70% off. Long checkout lines

  8. i didnt see any mens underwear. but, i was in and out in 5 minutes. absolute chaos and Gross!
    for an extra 10-15 dollars for a polo shirt there’s a james perse sale at 21 east 26th st

  9. Not as terrible as people are saying. It’s crowded, but that’s to be expected. I went at 3pm and there were no lines outside or by the register. You do need to dig a little to find things. I walked away with a pair of Men’s canvas work pants for 20 bucks which retail for $75. Not a bad deal.

  10. there is some outer wears, I stopped by for a moment hopping to find some of their special blend turtle necks; but it was rather crowded; so I went straight to the exit.

  11. They had a few styles of outerwear but nothing great. The discount wasn’t wonderful on most things and I walked away with only a tee shirt that was half off. There are mountains of stuff but most of it is overstock for a reason….

  12. These clothes are as first stated, “Gross” as is the state of the store. The prices, even at this sale, versus the quality of clothes is insane. I think I would stand a better chance finding clothes at walmart. There are plenty of sample sales with prices in similar range where you can get good, quality made clothes.

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