Brunello Cucinelli Overstock Sale

— Wed, 7th December 2011 —

Through Thursday, 12/8, head over to 58th Street for 60% off Brunello Cucinelli overstock. No sign of Michael Bastian stock, this year. Also, be warned: Even at these discounted prices, Cucinelli’s fine sportswear — typically in sizes 46-to-58 — will set you back. Here‘s how past events went down.

Michael Bastian/Brunello Cucinelli Sale – 150 E. 58th St btw 3rd & Lex – 3rd Fl – 212-750-2990 – 9am-5pm Daily – Map

  1. Not a very useful sale alas if you’re looking for any kind of a deal. Save a few ties, most of the things there will still cost you many hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. The shoes retail for $1k as do many of the cashmere sweaters so 60% isn’t helping that much. Hardly any suits UNDER $1000 with the discount. No Bastian.

  2. Just got back from the sale. Way more women’s stuff than men’s but worth going if you are a fan of Cucinelli. A bunch of topcoats and blazers left. Not many in size 50, but enough to make it worth the trip if you are that size. Shirts are picked over. I think I may have snagged two of the last mediums. A lot of sweaters left. A few suede chukkas. And a few bags (mostly duffels and messengers). 80% off today. They did say that tomorrow is the last day. But no word on further markdowns. Definitely no restocks.

  3. Mike F – there was some yes. The place was being turned upside down by European tourists who grabbed full racks of stuff and tried them on in the corner, only to leave behind a huge pile of clothes when they decided to buy only 1 or 2 articles. So don’t limit your search to where the 52s should be, because very little is where it should be.

  4. I saw no ties and scarves. But admittedly I did not look hard for accessories. Shirts ended up being $100 to $150.

  5. You can get all of these exact same discounted prices at the BC Woodbury Commons outlet pretty much any time of the year. The only thing you’re really saving at this particular sale is the hour-long trip up there.

  6. Sale was still going on today. I was surprised at the selection – still a lot of good stuff. I picked up a navy blue quilted jacket for ~$400. Lots of cashmere. @Broguean – not true. The WC outlet doesn’t have nearly the selection that was here and most items there are approx. 40-50% off – only during very big sales do they reach 80%. I did not see any ties. The intriguing thing was women going nuts over the furs (60% off still). I was hearing prices being thrown around of $6000 and $9000 – not sure if pre-discount or not.

  7. How is the shirt selection? $100-$150 I could stomach for one or two if they’re worth it.


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