Mr. Porter’s Big Winter Sale

— Thu, 15th December 2011 —

Forget snow. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas because Mr. Porter’s beginning to look at lot like Gilt Man. With tons of stock at up to 70% off, the only difference is that Porter’s luxe offerings are (right this minute) far superior. Down from $1,900 to $570, we’re takin’ a close look at this horn-toggle wool jacket from Raf Simons. Why? Apart from the huge markdown: It’s highly adaptable (particularly in urban environments), just as ready for a night out as it is for more formal events; It will subtly set you apart from the crowd without screaming “trendy!” (thus extending its shelf-life); and it’s solid enough to build your F/W wardrobe around, actually making less striking pieces (like, say, a simple tee) look better.

  1. Does the sale get any better? I remember the spring sale featured 25% extra markdowns

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