Ralph Lauren Sample Sale

— Thu, 8th December 2011 —

Friday through Monday, 12/9-12/12, Soiffer Haskin is hosting what is sure to be a shit show of a Ralph Lauren sample sale. Expect deep discounts on tons of logo-heavy stock… and lines long enough to make the most diehard Lo Heads wince.

Ralph Lauren Sample Sale – Soiffer Haskin – 317 W 33rd between 8th & 9th – Fri-Sun 9am-6:30pm, Mon 9am-5pm – Credit Cards OnlyMap

  1. Actually featured that 88-Keys video back in ’09… though you wouldn’t know it by searching our sieve-like archives.

  2. This is a luxury sale, purple and black labels only. No RRL, no Blue label, no RLX. FYI.

  3. So this will be all Big Pony gear, etc? Sounds like a shit show, indeed. And I don’t mean the crowds.

  4. Anon, where did you hear it was Black Label? That’s pretty much the only RL I’ll wear. If it’s true, I’ll suffer through the lines tomorrow.


  5. I think Anon is full of shit. Beggar says it’s going to be mainly Blue Label pony stuff.

  6. @Gordon my gf works for RL, I went to this sale last time it was decent, got a black label tux shirt for about $100

  7. I have nothing to back this up, but it makes more sense if this was not PRL stuff since they did have a sale for that a few weeks ago right?

  8. I went at 9am and can confirm only black and purple label. 75% everything. Black label suits starting at 1800 and purple labea at 4k, you do the math. Hideous ties, no other men’s accessories nor english-made shows. Lots of outerwear but I did not browse.

  9. One more question for those that went. Are there any Purple or Black Label dress shirts? I would assume so, but any more info would be appreciated.

  10. Any good items for women??? I wonder if these are current items

  11. In response, there was a lengthy line prior to 9am, but it was moving fairly quickly.

    Plenty of BL/PL shirts but in dark and stripes. Very few solids.

    More than half the room was for women’s wear

  12. Fair amount of purple label and balck label dress shirts – I was there at 9. As the previous posters have said – 75% off of everything. Purpel Label dress shirts retail ~$400 and black label ~$325. Lots of sweaters while I was there. Most were 100% cahsmere and start at $800 retail.

  13. Men’s is all Black and Purple Label. Everything is 75% off retail. Lots of dress shirts, but sleeves are are 35 in. Tons of cashmere sweaters, polos, casual outerwear. I picked up 8 things, all Black Label, spent $500. Not bad.


  14. @GordonGartrell – yes, most people have to get sleeves shortened on BL and PL shirts. They expect that you are going to do that so they do not make other sleeve sizes. You buy for neck size only.

  15. Total shot in the dark but were there any horizontal striped PL dress shirts? I’m one of the huge minority who actually seeks out and very much enjoys those.

  16. @Broguean – I saw some, but therey were scattered across sizes. Don’t remember seeing any in my size 15, but I did see some in 14.5.

  17. Does anyone know from past events or have a sense if the discount is likely to increase over the weekend of the sale? Although 75% off is amazing – I am just wondering if those lovely Purple Label suits will get any cheaper…

  18. yeah—its was 80% off today. there were maybe 10 guys there this afternoon. yall crazy for not going. $895 BL down jacket: $170. BL hoodie (currently full price at Saks at $225 that I was about to buy yesterday): $45. $125 BL henley, $25. Awesome sale and friendly staff.

  19. Great sale if you are looking for outerwear (as I was). I got there about 11AM this morning and was surprised by the lack of any lines. There was a great selection of Men’s coats and jackets–I happily took home a BL down jacket for $160 and grabbed a Christmas gift for my mum too. As someone else mentioned, the staff was very friendly and they were all in very good moods (a pleasant surprise).

  20. stopped by today, its 85% OFF today!
    picked up a nice RL Black! suit, for $295! retailing for $1700+!

  21. I’m thinking about stopping by tomorrow (Monday). Worth it? What’s left? Any decent medium sweaters left?


  22. Not worth it in the least. There’s barely anything left for men when I left there at 2pm today. A handful of shirts, a few HUGE blazers and Purple Label suits, some moto leathers and a bunch of suede/wool sweaters. There was one Fair Isle and a few polos in XL I noticed. A few odds and ends here and there as well. It’s only worth going for girlfriends and wives.

  23. I was there this morning. Several pink dress shirts with contrasting white collars. A small pile of black, ribbed turtlenecks, size small, original price: $395. The ugliest ties I’ve ever seen (seriously). A smattering of jackets in mostly large sizes.

    This sale is done.


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