A Beggar’s Resolution

— Tue, 3rd January 2012 —

Happy New Year, gentlemen! Really excited about 2012. As for resolutions, we’ve got a simple suggestion guaranteed to save you tons, and transform your wardrobe. Just take 5 minutes to go through your closet, and make a list of things you need for the new year. (We’re talking all seasons, and areas of your life — Everything from wetsuits and summer formal wear to snow boots and ski pants.) Then — funds permitting — just buy those things whenever they appear on your radar at maximum markdowns. The point is not to buy impulsively, or under duress, which inevitably leads to overpaying. Most guys, for example, remember they have a wedding or surfing trip in a week or so, and are then forced to pay full retail or settle for inferior products. Shop year-round, of course, but only buy when prices and products are right. You’ll be glad you did.

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