Atrium Exclusive Sale Promotion

— Fri, 20th January 2012 —

Starting Thursday, 1/26, Atrium‘s hosting an end-of-season sale featuring up to 70% off fall/winter stock from Penfield (pictured), Moncler, Naded And Famous, Nudie, …

Plus (!), the first 10 guys to mention “The Beggar” at checkout are guaranteed an additional 20% off all purchases!

Atrium NYC – 644 Broadway at Bleecker – 212-473-3980 ex. 16 – Map

  1. if you had a time-machine that brought us to 1997, i would love this sale.

  2. Agreed. Even last year, this store was so much better than it is now.

  3. I was in there the other day to check out some Danner boots at the separate but attached shoe shop (forgot the name) in the back. I always thought Atrium was for the club-kid or urban/streetwear enthusiast as that is the vibe I get whenever I pass there (which is not often because that stretch of Broadway is annoying).
    However, I was surprised to see pieces by one of my new favorites D.S. Dundee. I’m there Monday if only to score the Dundee coat.

  4. anyone check this out? debating whether i should trek from midtown during lunchtime

  5. Thanks for the bogus info C.B.
    No sale of any kind.
    Oh well, you can’t be right all the time.

  6. You must be mistaken, Funcheese, We’re in direct contact with store reps.

  7. I was there, sales people clueless, none of them had ever even heard of C.B.
    We’re talking Atrium on Broadway and Bleecker, right? Nothing, nada, zip.
    Also, Canada Goose doesn’t allow their retailers to ever put their items on sale.

  8. Mea culpa, Funcheese (words we never imaged writing). Sale and special discount starts Thursday, 1/26. Sincere apologies for the confusion!

  9. Re: Canada Goose. I bought it for 30% off at Paragon Sports in 2008, before all you posers liked it.

    And I was in the Bloomingdales in Soho on Sat and it was 30% off there. So suck it.

  10. Jerkyboy, why the hostility? I was only passing along information, misinformation if you happen to be correct, that I heard from salesperson at Paragon.
    Also, I personally think Canada Goose is not only unattractive but played-out. Really, do you need arctic gear for the city?

  11. yes, i do need arctic gear. the windchill was in single digits this weekend. go back to haiti.

  12. How is Canada Goose “unattractive” and “played out”? It features simple timeless designs in basic colors with little to no flare. You are a moron.

  13. You guys need to chill out. Arguing over this is akin to pointless jabber as no one’s opinion reigns supreme.

  14. I don’t understand the hype about Canada Goose currently either. Why buy Canada Goose over Woolrich?

  15. no…. why buy Woolrich over Canada Goose? are you an animal hater? why hatin’ on da geese?

  16. manager said the additional 20% off was just for ad purpose. such a joke!

  17. Not that I was going to go, but the additional 20% off does not exist? It is a lie? Wow. I would now never go into that store and CB should report them to the better business bureau.

  18. you think people consult the Better Business Bureau before walking in to a store and buying a pair of overpriced skinny leg jeans? what would reporting them to the BBB do? idiot.

  19. Atrium NYC most definitely honored the additional 20% discount. Very kind of them, and an amazing deal for a few enterprising guys.

  20. Jerkyboy, read the post, idiot. CB would have to report them and they would likely get fined and not do something like that again. Please, stop with all the hostility to everyone. Its enough.

  21. the BBB does not have the ability to levy a fine on a retailer; it is a for-profit corporation acting as a trade association.

    jesus. who are you morons?

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