Bloomingdale’s Consolidation Sale

— Fri, 13th January 2012 —

Speaking of consolidation sales, Bloomies plans to get in on the action come Sunday, 1/15. “Like Saks, the uptown department store is gathering sale inventory from all over the country for their bi-annual consolidation sale,” Madison Avenue Spy reports. Expect up to 80% off retail prices, but, unfortunately, no online component.

Bloomingdale’s – 59th St & Lexington Avenue – 212-705-2000 – Map

  1. Bloomies consolidation sale was very hit or miss. I haven’t been in the store for at least 3-4 years. The layout is disorganized for efficient discrimination between the 30-50% markdowns on RRP, and the double discount racks with 60-80% off RRP. Smalls are very difficult to find, and 36 outerwear and coats/suiting do not exist. The RL section had a really nice Italian made overcoat for less than $450 in a 38S.

  2. FYI: There’s a coupon for an additional %15 off sale items that was sent out on Bloomingdales email list. If you’re not on the list, just tell the person checking you out that you got the email and they’ll apply the discount.

    Monkey Business

  3. Just went this afternoon, it’s a mixed bag: RL is a mess but other brands easier to sort through…..some nice suits at half price (“Saville Row” brand?)… reductions in the denim section but 30% off nudie and 50% off some of the higher end levi’s

  4. Anything on Ovandia and Sons stuff that they have in the suit section? I really liked some of that stuff.

  5. Ovadia is still at 40% off the regular price. I’m waiting to pounce on that stuff too. Not a lot left though. About a dozen items total.

  6. They had 2 pairs. They were too small for me: a 48 and 50, as of Sunday evening.

  7. This was hard to parse. Bloomie’s 59th Street location has had a lot of shit on sale, in accordance with the post-Xmas season, for a few weeks now. They have some worthwhile labels — APC, Whillas & Gunn, Norse Projects, Shipley & Halmos — but it’s all been picked over quite a bit (not least by me). I went yesterday seeking more merch as part of the “consolidation”, but the salesperson told me “consolidation” only applies to women’s clothes. Still, I saw a very small restock of APC items and maybe one or two more pieces from other labels. Not worth a special trip, but if you’re in the areas, stop by.


  8. FYI, they are also marking down some Spurr, Theory, Vince, Levi’s Made & Crafted, Dunhill, a few Woolrich and Burkman Bros, even Dsquared… Selection of the worthy Spurr, Dsquared, Woolrich and BB isn’t great, but if you like the others, there may be a few things for you.


  9. I stopped by yesterday and was told that they have some stock on the Ovadia and Sons that is now 50%. Still very expensive at 50% off though. At least they have more than what is out on the floor.

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