Florsheim by Duckie Brown Givaway

— Wed, 25th January 2012 —

In celebration of New York Fashion Week — whoopty doo! — Florsheim by Duckie Brown is giving away two front row tickets to their Fall/Winter 2012 runway show, and a pair of (not necessarily gold) Florsheim by Duckie Brown shoes. To enter to win, Likeand comment on — Florsheim by Duckie’s Facebook Page through Friday, 1/27. [Pic courtesy of Esquire.]

  1. what’s with people using the comment section to disparage clothing and/or other folks?

    We’re all on here to save a buck.


  2. I don’t know why people make homophobic comments on a site about FASHION, in which homosexuals contribute a gigantic amount to what you’re on this website for: CLOTHING.

  3. Just so we’re clear, overtly disrespectful language will be taken down, and the more time we have to spend monitoring comments, the less time we have to find you deals.

  4. So covertly disrespectful language is fair game? lol jk.

    i love cashmere.

  5. I said wut wut, gold shoes in my butt. Wutt wutt shoes in my butt. I like em in my butt in my butt

    Seymour Butts

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