Oak End-of-Season Sample Sale

— Fri, 20th January 2012 —

Friday, 1/20, through, oh, sometime next week, Oak on Bond is hosting a sample sale featuring one-off samples, shoes from their styling closet, and fall/winter pieces from their favorite designers — “all at drastically reduced prices.”

Oak – 28 Bond St btw Lafayette & Bowery – 212-677-1293 – Map

  1. some $10-$20 jeans, cheap money, one pair of surface to air in 27, lots of really weird androgynous items, like cloaks, baggy tank tops, etc. Some printed t shirts for $10 as well. Nothing I could pull off except one or two pairs of jeans, but not my size.

  2. adam’s spot-on. printed and basic tees and tanks for $10 there are some shades of greige button down plaid shirts and wool toggle coats at discount. hoodies for $25-35. a few stellar shoes, but they looked like they were mostly size 12.

  3. I exited after two minutes when I realized I couldn’t differentiate the men’s racks from the women’s…

  4. dont know about you guys but i scored some sweet shirts and a pair of denim, the prices are not bad at all

    happy gilmore

  5. it’s still going Darlene, they have a bunch more womens than mens stuff, so it might be worth your while to head on over and check it out

    happy gilmore

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