Freemans Sporting Club Sample Sale

— Fri, 24th February 2012 —

Saturday and Sunday, 2/25-2/26, Freemans Sporting Club is hosting a sample sale at its old location on Bleecker Street. Reps were remarkably uninformed regarding stock. “Lot of great deals …  on a lot, a lot of stuff,” is all we could get out of them.

Freemans Sporting Club Sample Sale – 327 Bleecker St at the corner of Christopher St – 10am-6pm Daily – 212-255-5509 – Map

  1. I spoke to them a few weeks about this and was told that some jackets (I think the deck jackets) were on sale, some pants, sweaters too. No ties though. The sale prices they told me a few weeks ago was very good, some stuff half price. Dress shirts not part of it either. From what they told me, there will be a lot on sale and good stock on the items as well.

  2. I got the Deck Jacket a couple weeks ago on sale. It’s definitely worth whatever they charge this weekend.

  3. Glad to see the Beggar posting real sales again, instead of junk from Gilt and its clones. Seems that is the majority since the Complex takeover

  4. There was a lot of stuff, but the prices were still too high for me. Waste of time.

  5. Very disappointing that their fliers said jeans were $50, when they were actually $75. If you are looking for size medium in any button down shirts, don’t bother, sold out. Lots of tee shirts for $25, no black medium though. Lots of jackets. One very sweet suit for $800, no idea of the size, but it looked slim. Also lots of jackets for $175. No ties. A bunch of sweaters.

  6. Finally & Steve: No Complex takeover. They handle our ad sales. And sale coverage hasn’t changed. We’ve been running a daily “Beggar Invitational” post for years, which includes a rundown of daily offerings from “Gilt and its clones,” as you put it.

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