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Bespoken (First Ever) Sample Sale

— Mon, 26th March 2012 —

Whoa, last week was big… and the fun’s not over. Thursday through Saturday, 3/29-3/31, Bespoken is hosting its first ever sample sale featuring deep discounts on shirting, outerwear, and suiting. We’re talkin’ trenches down from $725 to $145; cotton blazers down from $525 to $95; hidden pocket shirts down from $215 to $45…

Bespoken Showroom – 50 E 57th St btw Park & Madison – 7th Fl – Thurs-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 10am-1pm – Map

  1. Anon – what were the price points? Different than what CB wrote in the post??

  2. can someone please post anything about prices and selection?

  3. Yes in smalls. Pants $45-75. Dress shirts $120. Sport coats start $95. Ties $20. Samples/irregular $20-25. Shirts $45.

  4. Any outerwear like peacoats? Looking for smalls as well.

  5. yes there are peacoats in grey wool and navy cotton, all sizes. lots of great outerwear shirts starting at $45 jackets and knitwear.

  6. What’s heavy? Are you referring to the topcoats? I’m referring to the peacoat on sale at their website, which I don’t think is considered heavy. Sorry if I’m confused.

  7. Just reading this now–I heart Bespoken –running over there now.
    I hope there is stuff left.


  8. Thanks to everyone who came in today. We have a pretty good selection of sizes across the board, with the exception of smalls and extra larges in shirting. We’re replenishing where we can. In addition to the cotton shirting, cotton blazers, and trench coats from spring, we also have peacoats, knit vests, and wool trousers with unstructured blazers from fall. We’re open tomorrow from 9AM to 7PM and Saturday from 10AM to 1PM. Feel free to stop by!

  9. To celebrate the final day of our sale, we’re making additional discounts. Don’t miss out!

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