Bonobos Warehouse Sale

— Mon, 5th March 2012 —

Wednesday through Friday, 3/7-3/9, Clothingline is hosting a warehouse sale on behalf of Bonobos. Expect pants down from as much as $195 to $50; shirts down from upwards of $110 to $35; polos that went from $68 going for $25.

Bonobos Warehouse Sale – Clothingline -261 W. 36th St btw 7th & 8th – Second Floor – Wed-Thur 11am-7pm, Fri 11am-6pm – Map

  1. Quite an unofrtunate name for a company. My zoologist cousin calls them the “shag monkeys” for their famous libidos.


  2. Do women like these bonobos pants? Will they make my butt look good and a girl to felash my (bo)nob?

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  3. their wares are pure garbage, poorly constructed, ill fitting, overpriced crap


  4. Just got back from the sale — there seems to be a pretty good selection, particularly in the lower sizes (30-33) and larger sizes (38-40). Decent selection in 34-36 range.

    Pants are $50 each or $80 for 2. The quality isn’t spectacular, but for $40, I can’t complain.

    Also, look carefully before buying. There is a ton of merch with oil spots, tears, holes, etc. In addition, a fair number of the pants have been hemmed at varying lengths (and most of the extra cloth removed), so don’t trust the waist tags.

  5. racks and racks of pants and shirts in all sizes. I purchased 3 pairs for $120. One does have to look at the pants very carefully to ensure they aren’t stained or falling to pieces. Quality isn’t fantastic, particularly the shirts, but the detailing on the pants makes it worth it. No word when/if their will be more mark downs.

  6. Any shoes, jackets or anything besides pants and shirts?

  7. There is (was, 24 hours ago) a wide selection of blazers/suit jackets, as well as a few mid-thigh khaki raincoats. They are going for $95. Many of the jackets are the same fabric as the dress trousers, and could be paired to make a suit. (Note: the construction on the jackets is fairly bad — extremely stiff fused fronts, overpadded shoulders, and high, tight armholes that make it hard for the jackets to fit well. They also run at least a size small.)

    There were also a fair number of sweaters and about 4 types of swim trunks (which I think were $35).

  8. Anyone know what shoes the guy is wearing in the photo above?