Club Monaco (Bona Fide) Sample Sale

— Fri, 16th March 2012 —

This could be interesting. Club Monaco — which has kinda been making a run at “quality brand” status (on par with J. Crew, anyway) — is throwing a bona fide sample sale (courtesy of Clothingline) starting Monday, 3/19. Through Thursday, 3/22, expect deep discounts — we’re talkin’ $1 to $35 on samples from Fall 2011, Holiday 2011, and even Spring 2012.

Club Monaco Sample Sale – Clothingline – 261 W. 36th St btw 7th & 8th Aves – 2nd fl – 11am-7pm Daily – Map

  1. In line at 10:35, I’m halfway back and around 30 people infront of me but only 5 guys..

  2. Any more recent updates, Elan? Any blazers, work pants, or suits?


  3. Got there around 11 and waited about 20mins. Line moved fairly quick. Selection was ok. A good amount of sample items that you have to double check there are no marks, holes etc. Pricing is a bit higher than $1-$35. Most s/s tees and l/s tees are $10 and all other shirts $20. Jackets and blazers went from $40+

  4. merchendise was not all that great, stuff was stained, torn, damaged, etc..and pricey to boot, belts were worth it, leather – 5$, fabric 2$ and they had tons of stuff, in all not worth the wait for a couple of belts, would avoid.

    happy gilmore

  5. great place to pick up chicks in line. thats about it though

  6. the banner ad for this page was Stacy Adams… hahahahahaha!

  7. good selections of sweaters and outerwear. I targeted the handmade sweaters since they were only 20, so good luck finding one since I picked them all up. As for the cheap cotton sweaters, there’s plenty.

  8. i was there til closing time. tons of handmade sweaters still there.

  9. The set up yesterday sketched me out – I fear bed bugs!
    Probably some passable stuff in there, but with no try-ons, I didn’t feel like digging.

  10. any Stacy Adams? i’m looking for a turquoise five button suit. thanks.

  11. Very little for men. Avoid. (Although I have to agree with the guy who said there were a lot of cute girls about.)

    Jon in Queens

  12. Poor selection of attractive girls as well as men’s clothing, don’t go.

  13. I thought the selection was not bad. I ended up walking away with two slit fit shirts (20 each, a heavy knit zip up cardigan (20 as well) and a clutch for my girlfriend for $35. I went the first day and the line moved fast. Overall I am happy with what I came out with.

  14. Terrible sale. Most items were damaged. No try ons. If you aren’t a medium, you were out of luck

  15. hey bubu – packing on the lbs, eh???

    i guess the hot girls in line will pay no attention to you… BURN! O’Doyle RULES!

  16. Club Minaco store in Queens Center will be the only store to have 50% off sale during Memorial Day weekend!


  17. i wouldn’t go to Queens if they were handing Tom Ford suits out for free.

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