Proper Cloth Sample Sale

— Tue, 6th March 2012 —

Saturday only, 3/10, Proper Cloth — recently named GQ’s “favorite online custom shirtmaker” — is hosting a sample sale featuring deep discounts on wide-spreads, spreads, points, button downs… All shirts are $40 — down from $100-$250. Here‘s what readers said about the last event.

As always: Mention “The Beggar” at checkout, and get your first two shirts for $20 each!

Proper Cloth Sample Sale – 36 East 12th St btw Broadway & University – 2nd fl (Buzz 200 and take the stairs) – 9am-4pm – Map

  1. Nope, Sorry JW. Whenever there’s an online component, we’ll always make that clear.

    The Beggar

  2. NE: We definitely do custom tailored shirts, but tomorrow is about the samples we have here – over 200 shirts or so.

    Peter: Wide range of sizes from collar 14 to 18+, wide range of sleeve lengths and type of fits. Definitely a lot of super slim fits.

  3. Great sale. Some samples had armpit stains. Eew. Btchy girl at register but Super hot guy salesperson. I want his number!

  4. Fabrics were underwhelming. These were definitely failed attempts at MTM.

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