Tretorn 1-Day “Tent Sale”

— Wed, 21st March 2012 —

Love this event. Thursday only, 3/22, is hosting its one-day online “tent sale” featuring up to 75% off sneakers (as low as $30), and rubber boots (starting at $30). Apparel and bags will be on sale, too, including “Tee-torn” shirts for $10.

Where’s the link to the sale? For some reason, Tretorn isn’t sending it out until Thursday morning — We’ll keep you posted.

Update: This is getting interesting. A rep tells us that this sale will go live to the public at 9am or 9:30am, Thursday morning. Tretorn, however, loves Beggar readers so much that it’s agreed to grant you early admission at 8am! How? They’ve promised to send us a special link — and post it in the comments section — at 8am sharp… Fingers crossed.

  1. fab already has tretorns on sale for 30 bucks ends in 5 days


  2. the raincoat in the female section looks great; but not sure if it’s unisex enough to pull it for for that price point

  3. @Tretorn Just received an email saying my order was cancelled, no explanation. I understand that these things happen, but with no offer to make things right (or even an apology in the automated email!) … well, I guess I’ll just have to live without these shoes and any other Tretorn product.

  4. same thing here! and this happened to me when i ordered 2 tent sales ago. this time, however, they cancelled the shoes i really wanted and are still sending me the stupid bag i was only getting because i’d already paid shipping charges. burned me twice, shame on me but will never order from them again.

  5. well at least you getting the bags, because they cancelled my bags. Very disappointed indeed.

  6. Yeah they cancelled portions of my order a couple sales ago too. They apologized with a limited time 15% off coupon or something. That sucks, but more importantly their originally priced $170 converse style hi-tops are poorly constructed. The rubber bit that wraps around the front of the shoe began to peel off on both shoes, on both sides, after a couple months. Super glue managed to solve that problem, but the underlying lack of comfort made me toss em shortly thereafter. Converse are so much better in terms of quality & comfort at a fraction of the cost. Tretorn’s polo shirts are fine though.

  7. Tretorn always has severely limited stock for these tent sales and the logistics are a bit wacky but the prices are very low. They had some of the better stuff previewed on their Facebook page as well.

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