Billy Reid Overstock Sale

— Fri, 6th April 2012 —

Through Sunday, 4/8, Chelsea Market is hosting one of its regular “sample sales,” featuring Billy Reid. Here‘s how the last such sale went down.

Billy Reid Overstock Sale – Chelsea Market – 75 9th btwn 15th & 16th – Fri-Sat 10:30am-7pm, Sun 10:30am-6pm – Map

  1. Chelsea Market is not known for a good sale. Based on that alone…

  2. I was there on Saturday. Not sure where the rap on Chelsea Market having bad sample sales comes from (as I’ve been pleased with past Billy Reid and James Perse sales there), but this I thought this was a solid sale. I picked up one Billy Reid shirt for $49 and one Steven Alan shirt for $45. My wife got a pay of J Brand jeans for $85.

    The space is relatively well-organized (by sample sale standards), the staff is pleasant, the selection was decent (given that we were there on the third or fourth day of the sale), and the crowds were not overwhelming. Maybe you all find sample sales where there is a cornucopia of styles and sizes for 85% off retail, but from my experience, finding a decent selection at ~70% off retail is a good experience. That Chelsea Market is in the middle of a desirable location, with the shopping/eating opportunities at the Market, the Highline, etc. makes it even better, in comparison to most of the other major sample sale spaces that are in god-forsaken wastelands.

    I realize this sale is over (but am making this comment because I know CB often references back to past posts), and to be clear, I don’t have any connection to any sample sale organizations (or to Chelsea Market). I just think the negative comments about these sales is unjustified based on my experiences with the Chelsea Market sales, vs. all the other major sample sales.

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