Jil Sander Sample Sale

— Mon, 23rd April 2012 —

Word’s out on Jil Sander‘s semiannual sample sale, featuring up to 85% off ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories. Officially, the normally-secretive sale goes from Tuesday through Saturday, 4/24-4/28. It’s “invite only,” remember, though it historically gets easier to access with every passing day.

Jil Sander Sample Sale – 8 Crosby btw Howard & Grand – 4th fl – 10am-6pm Daily – Map

  1. Hi, just wondering if I will be able to get in if I get there around 10am. I’ve heard the security will let the people with invitation to get in first and then open to the public. So what is the best time to get there? Also will they restock daily for different sizes and style as well? Thx

  2. getting there at 10am will probably be a little more difficult if you don’t have an invite — they usually check in the morning. but by the afternoon, they don’t bother. i’ve had the invite for the last 2 sales, and don’t usually get there until 3 or 4pm of the first day, and they don’t even ask to see it by then. i hear there has been quite a line in the morning of the first day, so if you go, prepare to wait. i’ve seen them restock at this sale in the past, but it’s the same size/styles as what’s already out (and if they don’t have a particular size out, they won’t have it in the ‘back’ either — in general, i don’t believe there is a lot of restocking, especially for accessories).

  3. Last time they stopped checking invites after 40 minutes because the line was getting way too long, not sure about this time though…

  4. There’s already about 75-100 people in line and growing, and it won’t be open until 10 so if you’re not willing to wait for at the very least an hour then don’t bother today, with an invite or not…

  5. Anyone know how much a shirt / pant / or jacket goes for at the sale?

  6. last year shirts were +/- $50, jeans were $45ish. Suits were still north of $500

  7. virtually nothing for men- they said a few things tomorrow a.m possibly. Don’t waste 2 hours I did

  8. Spectacularly bad selection (for men). No accesories, probably about 10 sweaters total (cardigan), some basic outerwear (46-52 mainly), and a few velvet suits, the blazers for which are mostly kind of jacked. Also one really heavy wool suit in a 46. This was at about 12 though, so I’m sure even most of that is long gone.

  9. I was pretty close to the front of the line—got there about 8:30 and was part of the second wave let in, at around 11:00. Even from the beginning, there was obviously pretty much nothing for men (saw one or two men leave with a decent amount of stuff, and other than that all women, and just very small “hauls” generally). Some nice men’s sweaters (mostly heavier weights) and some very weird quilted/stitched jackets. If you’re reading this on behalf of a female friend, know that women’s stuff was pathetic as well—bags, shoes, and clothing, all thin selections. A ton of “careers”-type clothing in black. That’s about it. Oh, also some weird twee Opening Ceremony–esque hoodie-sweaters for about $150+tax. If you want to look like a masked professional wrestler in Mexico. And two pair of men’s shoes.

  10. p.s. I hesitate to do this, but… However, I actually have a beautiful trim-cut suit from the last sale, at which the men’s selection was *slightly* better: a European size 44 (fits like a Long), in a lightweight very subtle/fine herringbone weave (black or very dark charcoal). Wonderful fabric, construction, etc. Unfinished sleeves and so on. I’m just too short to wear it and I don’t want it butchered by expensive alterations. If this is your size and you’re interested, let me know. The retail was $2,350 and I’d hate to have it just live in my closet for another six months. Moderators, if this is an inappropriate post, I accept my spanking and understand why you need to remove the spam.

    Anon... an' on...

  11. There is some kind of counter intuitive “punishment” going on there regarding the wait times. I arrived at 9:15 and was finally let in at 12:15- a three hour wait. The line snaked around the block. Yet when I got upstairs it was not what I would consider crowded, and when I left at close to 2pm there were even fewer people shopping. There was NO checkout line, as opposed to the last sale, which, at the same time on the first day, was considerable. Still as I left the building there was still a long line which extended at least to the corner. They could have easily and safely let more people in at a time, shortening the wait time while at the same time not over crowding the space. One would think they would want to move shoppers through more efficiently and with less wait time as they are there to sell clothes, no?
    The mens selection was sparse to say the least- a few sweaters and a few overcoats, really nothing else. There seemed to be much more womans than last fall. Unless they restock the mens I would seriously consider skipping the remaining days, especially if they insist on letting only five people in every fifteen minutes or so…

  12. Brad, I noticed that too and had the impression it was due to a lot of people picking slowly through slim… pickings and not a lot of people buying very much.

    Anon... an' on...

  13. Yeah, I don’t know what kind of strategy is that and what they wish to accomplish with it, but it is disgusting.

    I honestly feel bad for those those guys who waited 3 hours+ and didn’t find anything, I feel even worse for those who just bought some crap because they had to justify the wait. It’s just not right…

  14. I went yesterday afternoon and ended up grabbing two pairs of slacks — but one pair was velvet (admittedly just thought they’d be fun) and the other pair was hidden in a bag under the center table (and otherwise surely would have been gone).

    Most of the sweaters left were women’s (as in: cut to accommodate breasts, so clearly not unisex/wearable by a guy). There were aslo few nice peacoats that were well worth the 85% off price if, in late April, you feel the need to store til fall.

    But mostly a bust and def. not worth waiting in line. The staff also said no restocks today (although I haven’t gone back).

    another anon

  15. Hey you still got that 44l suit? Ill gladly take if off your hands

    Happy Gillmore

  16. Eh, just an opinion, that velvet suit was the ugliest thing I’ve seen in a long long time, and I’m the biggest Raf fan…

    Went on the first day and got two quilted t-shirts and two heavy sweaters all in different colors, I believe I picked up the last ones, and honestly there was nothing else worth buying.

  17. You’re prob right–I just grabbed the slacks–the suits were all gone post-lunch when I got in.
    There also werent any t-shirts (“boxy” or otherwise) left then and the lack of sweaters (what I hope to buy) was a real disappointment. Better to look on Yoox or Mr. porter when there sales come–which is to say it wasn’t good.

    Had anyone gone back to confirm no restocks? Unclear to me what they’ll be selling for the rest of the week ….

    Another Anon

  18. Lol the guy stood in line before me bought the velvet suit, he actually said:” Well… Gotta buy something…”

  19. BTW, the people on racked.com said there won’t be any restock… Guess last season did really good after all…

  20. Happy Gillmore,

    Yes, I do have it, if you want to put up an email you don’t care about being exposed to the world on this message board.

    Anon... an' on...

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