Luigi Bianchi Mantova, Oakley, …

— Fri, 6th April 2012 —

  1. I think it’s about time you stop posting these e-commerce sites. They have become a complete joke selling last years items at prices higher than they could have been purchased at department stores a year earlier.

  2. The post is a concentrated source of discounted menswear. Lots of crap and recycled deals, sure, but that’s to be expected at any sale…. at most any store, for that matter. Usually smart buys, too.

    The Beggar

  3. It’s mostly crap, but there is the occasional smart buy, at least for basics. I don’t see the harm in these posts. If they were posting them IN LIEU of posts about sales, then there would be an issue. But it’s not like there is limited bandwidth here. Especially this time of year.


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