Simon Spurr Sale Further Reductions

— Mon, 30th April 2012 —

As you can see here, the Simon Spurr sample and inventory sale has already been a boon to plenty of readers. Tuesday through Wednesday, 5/1-5/2, they’re sweetening the deal with additional markdowns and “volume reductions.” As of late Saturday, “Still a goldmine,” one reader reports. “Plenty of jackets, suits, dress shirts, jeans, dress pants, polos, sweaters … Excellent material & construction.”

Simon Spurr Showroom Sample Sale – 210 11th Ave btw 24 & 25, Suite 903 – 10am-6pm Weekdays, 11am-4pm Weekends – 212-796-5431 x1 – Map

  1. I can affirm that Saturday was a goldmine, just like their last sample sale. Really nice people, very good selection, if you happen to be sample-sized.


  2. does this raise any eyebrows about the future of the company?

  3. Blank, I asked that on Friday. I was told that the company will go on. There were several other designers, including some of the people working the sale. So, the label continues without Simon Spurr designing it. Any word on what the markdowns were?

  4. no idea on markdowns, haven’t been over there yet. curious about what new design team they have though..

  5. I was there saturday and there was no markdowns, still plenty of bottoms, sweaters, and a bunch of sample sized suits/jackets/outerwear and some accessories like sunglasses/gloves/hats/bags/and a few pairs of shoes… Anyone go today? What are the further reductions???


  6. Still a ton of stuff left, jackets are all 38r. Pants/jeans available in all sizes. Slight mardowns.

  7. how much more are the markdowns? new prices of shirts/suits?

  8. markdowns aren’t like a percentage; it varies by item. sportcoats went from $500 to $450, for instance (not that big a deal, if you ask me). Simon Spurr jeans are now $100 and Spurr jeans are $45. Shirts I think are $10 or so cheaper. Basically if you weren’t buying before you’re probably not going to be convinced today. Maybe tomorrow will be more substantial.

  9. Great sale! I picked up a pair of SS raw denim “Pipe” fit jeans for $100 (reg. $345), a pair of Spurr jeans that were a sample (handwritten tag) for $45 and a Spurr tee for $18. The employees were very nice and as of 4:30 this afternoon there were still plenty of 29-32 jeans. May go back tomorrow….


  10. Even deeper discounts tomorrow? Or is this the final markdown.

  11. Still tons of dress shirts, trousers, jeans, jackets, etc. left. Great selection…..not one of those sample sales where they’re only left clothes that will never sell. Got a few nice trousers, shirts, jeans and polos today! Was definitely worth the visit.


  12. Are there any size 50 suits/jackets left? Thanks guys…appreciate the feedback.

  13. the suits and jackets were all on racks that listed them as 48, but when I asked they told me they did have different sizes but you have to check the tag inside the pocket to know the size. I think I saw a 50 or two, but there’s no way to be sure how many there were.

  14. Big question of whether or not it’s worth it…especially with the rain (and also I went last week)…hmmmm decisions decisions…

  15. prices were the same as yesterday, and there was a ton of stuff left. apparently whatever doesn’t sell will end up on Gilt or be sold to Century 21.

  16. Are they extending the sale at all? ugh i want some jeans


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