Simon Spurr + Spurr Sample Sale

— Tue, 24th April 2012 —

This is the one. Wednesday through next Wednesday, 4/25-5/2, Simon Spurr is hosting a sample and inventory sale, including 70% off of suiting, outerwear, leather, and cashmere. Better still, expect a wide range of prices thanks to the inclusion of the label’s downmarket Spurr line. Here, here and here are how the most recent events went down.

Simon Spurr Showroom Sample Sale – 210 11th Ave btw 24 & 25, Suite 903 – 10am-6pm Weekdays, 11am-4pm Weekends – 212-796-5431 x1 – Map

  1. WHOA. Is this sale almost a whole year long? 4/25-4/2? 😉


  2. We’ve never seen a line for a Simon Spurr sample sale.

    The Beggar

  3. Not sure this is common knowledge but Simon Spurr himself actually left the brand earlier this year. Not sure who’ll come in and design going forward but this might be the last chance to get Simon Spurr-designed clothes.

  4. He left a few weeks ago….which IS earlier this year, but it was in March…anyway….anyone go yet? What’s the good word? I’m on crutches….worth it?


  5. Just went. Very large selection but unfortunately most of the suiting and outerwear is sample size, 38. T-shirts were $25, Simon Spurr button downs $125, Spurr button downs $80. Impressive amount jeans and pants in a variety of colors, same pricing as the button downs.

  6. Did you see any suits in 40R? What is suit pricing? Also, any comments on quality of the denim? Is it mostly raw?

  7. Just got back. Lots of pants/jeans. High quality, not a ton of raw. Looked like most of the coats, jackets were in medium, but I think there were some large and small here and there. Pants had great selection.


  8. There a decent amount of polos and sweaters but they are more fashion forwards than the other items at the sale. Strange piping on the seems for the polos.

  9. Did anyone see the black overcoat with the leather sleeves from FW 11?

  10. Tons of merchandise left, suits size 38 and up are $800. Spurr outerwear is $250 and jeans are $60. Glad I stopped by. They are probably going to reduce the prices again on Tuesday.

  11. I believe I bumped into you there, another anon. Yeah, I went out of my way to get there at 10, listed here as opening time, and found it closed.

  12. Did anyone who went see any double breasted blazers, if so in what colors or any of their light weight t-shirts?


  13. Anons – Reps said 10am-6pm weekdays. Demand an additional markdown!

    The Beggar

  14. this is why Spurr left the company. the staff couldn’t figure out what time to show up for work

  15. LOL!!!!
    Size 38-40-42 blazers and suits…MOST are 38…LOTS of denim! Some raw (pipe, ie, straight fit)…this is Simon Spurr. Also tons of distressed Spurr denim. TONS of shirts sizes M or 15 1/2 to 16 1/2. Got an AWESOME pair of suede Grenson Kirk Gibson for $50!!!!! The


  16. Cont’d….
    The 38 blazers and suits are GORGEOUS! Sadly, I’m a 42….anyway….if you like Simon Spurr and/or Spurr? IT IS WORTH A TRIP!!!! Markdowns coming on Tuesday. BTW-Greg (tall guy) is extremely helpful and knowledgeable! ENJOY!


  17. They also have a rack of Simon Spurr dress shirts for $20. Got a great white dress shirt, size 16 🙂

  18. How many shirts were only $20? What was the shoe selection like? Prices?

  19. Spurr jeans are great for $60, sadly I don’t need any. & the $140 Simon Spurr raw denim’s fit couldn’t get me away from Uniqlo at $90. Picked up a stylish Spurr denim button down & a Spurr shirt w constrast fabric on the shoulders. Spurr shirts are $75 or 2 for $125. I also found a perfect fitting white dress shirt on the $20 celebrity worn/runway rack. Several unbelievable beautiful supple leather jackets.

    Nacho Broadway

  20. anonaon — Yup — pretty sure we bumped into each other on the elevator.

    FWIW, I did indeed make it back to the sale and, (i) all of the CP shoes/boots were already gone (according to the staff, a few people purchased more than 25 pairs late yesterday afternoon) and, (ii) while I was there, someone purchased (I think) every sub-size-16 shirt on the $20 rack. (Hope that saves you a trip, Adam.)

    If I remember correctly, most of the Simon Spurr outerwear was $800 and the Spurr either $400 or $500 — oddly, with the leather priced the same as the rest.

    Sadly, I purchased only an accessory — and the staff was willing to bargain a bit on price.

    Another Anon

  21. Sep, to eliminate any risk of misinterpretation: no offernse meant by my timing comment, beggar. Obv happy you have this site!

    Another Anon

  22. I really think sales like this should put limits on how many pieces of one item you can buy. price gougers are scumbags. but I guess the spurr staff is more concerned with unloading the stuff. may head over today again. hopefully somebody didn’t buy 200 pairs of jeans and leave the place empty.

  23. How’s the sale today? Is there going to be any stuff by tomorrow let alone Tuesday?

  24. Yeah how is it? Any jeans/pants, outerwear or shirts left?


  25. i tried calling to find out so I don’t waste a trip, but they don’t pick up and their mailbox is full.

  26. Overheard at the sale that the discounts are going to increase next week over the last thee days. Prices at the moment don’t seem worth it, but an additional 30-50% off would make it more interesting

  27. I went a few hours ago and there were plenty of jeans, pants, sweaters, t-shirts left. Decent amount of outerwear, blazers left as well. I would have to agree with John as far as pricing goes. I like Simon Spurr and the quality of the clothes but I can totally wait until next week.

  28. Went today. There was a ton of stuff, this sale easily has three times the stuff of past spurr sales. The prices are a little bit higher though. I spoke to one person there, one of the designers, he said that the sale will go to Wednesday with markdowns starting Tuesday. Tons of jeans and suits. Almost nothing on the $20 shirt rack though. Sunglasses for $125, leather messenger bags for $250. Lots of sweaters and sweat shirts and dress pants. Not much spurr left except jeans, most is Simon spurr.

  29. Thiscatizacat: As of Sat. afternoon, there were still leather jackets in sizes 48-50 and they were priced at $800.

  30. Was still a gold mine on late Saturday afternoon. Plenty of jackets, suits, dress shirts, jeans, dress pants, polos, sweaters. Was out of luck on the ties front as that was my primary reason for stopping by. (only saw 2 pair boots left and 2 messenger bags.). My consolation prize was pair of shades. Tempted to go back on Tues to get a suit if it drops near $500. Excellent material & construction.

  31. Still tons of dress shirts, trousers, jeans, jackets, etc. left. Great selection…..not one of those sample sales where they’re only left clothes that will never sell. Got a few nice trousers, shirts, jeans and polos today! Was definitely worth the visit.