Acne Moving Sale

— Tue, 29th May 2012 —

Preparing for a short move, Acne is hosting a surplus sale beginning tomorrow, 5/30. Through next Tuesday, 6/5, expect at least 70% off ready-to-wear, denim, and footwear, and other various accessories.

Acne Moving Sale – 10 Greene St btw Grand & Canal – 11am-7pm Daily – Map

  1. I wonder if this puts prices in the realm of reasonable

  2. Is this the same stuff from the sale that just happened?


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  4. I’m in line now. A lot of people for an event of this probable crappiness and it’s moving slowly.

    Steez Buscemi

  5. Am enjoying the girls in jean short w/ dogeared philosophy books tho.

    Steez Buscemi

  6. Line is fine. Bearable. Though the conversations the moronic, cackling american girls on this line are having could easily constitute as extreme torture in any small nation. We’re pumping out real dumdums America. What the good Lord are they teaching at college?


  7. Dude you sound mad about teens. This is not a good state of mind. Sale is predictably pretty lame for guys. Pretty much nothing but denim. But they do have a fair amount of Mic washes and Max/Mic raws in normal sizes. Jeans were 70ish for raw and 80ish for washed. I wouldn’t bother if you aren’t already there.

    Steez Buscemi

  8. Agree with Steez. Was there at 10:40 and was #20 let in the door. Really not much merch. Found a leather guys jacket for 370 marked down from 1250. Except for that just a fair amount of Mic and Max jeans for guys and Hex, Needle and some Kex for girls. 4 pairs of shoes I believe were all that I saw (one pair of mint green high top sneakers for guys I presume). Was told by the salesgirl they’re not restocking…..what you see is what they have.


  9. Agree with the comment above…..40 minutes in line only to look at a bunch of Acne label jeans, and a few tired looking winter coats. Not worth the schlep

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