Peregrine Showroom Sample Sale

— Mon, 7th May 2012 —

Always a solid event. Thursday through Saturday, 5/10-5/12, Peregrine Showroom is hosting its seasonal sample sale featuring significant markdowns on George McCracken, Gilded Age, Oliver Spencer, Chimala, Whillas & Gunn, 8.15 August Fifteenth, … Most readers did well last time around.

And: Because Peregrine loves you so much, they’ve generously agreed to take an additional 15% off purchases for the first 15 guys to mention “The Beggar” at checkout.

Peregrine Showroom Sample Sale – 89 5th Ave btw 15th & 16th – Suite 902 – 212-229-2446 – Thurs-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 11am-5pm – Map

  1. Right. Ah, the beauty of crowdsourced copy editing.

    The Beggar

  2. CB, any word if McCracken jeans or button downs will be available??

  3. Make the phone call, Joel. Letting everyone know what you learn would be awesome, too.

    The Beggar

  4. No McCracken jeans or button downs. No word on what they will have from him.

  5. No McCracken at the sale this time, if anyone was interested.

  6. Anyone there today? How is it? How many people seem to be showing?


  7. this was awful last time, and the short bleach blond woman was obnoxious


  8. Thanks- I’m the obnoxious bleach blond woman…..
    I think we had amazing things last time and I think we have some fantastic things this time round too!!!
    But they are smaller designers that sell primarily at specialty boutiques so maybe they aren’t for everyone….
    I don’t think I’ve been called obnoxious before…. not sure what to think of that…..


  9. Apparently 15 people have already came in and took advantage of the 15% off at the sale.


  10. I met you last year and you weren’t obnoxious at all. Is it cash-only again this year?


  11. i was at the sale last time and the blond woman was friendly and helpful.

  12. I just got back. Like last year, this sale is truly fantastic. Obviously you have to be into the designers and it helps a lot to be sample-sized. If you meet those criteria, this amounts to one of the best open sample sales of the year. The prices are very good and the selection is well-curated. They sold a lot today, but there still is a lot of great stuff.


  13. I got the fifteen percent off and made out with the short blonde!

  14. Really? What time? Like an idiot I forgot to even ask if they were still offering the 15%.


  15. great sale. blonde woman was nice and cool. great deals too. Would go again.

  16. The short lady is named Jenny and she happens to be one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I went to both sample sales they had and purchased lots of great things. Most of the items are sample size 32 pants and M in shirts. They carry a select but very good designers and top quality merchandise at prices that are insane for what your getting. Its probably one of the best Sales of the year.

  17. Very good sale but i forgot to get the discount haha

  18. I may or may not be able make it to the sale this year, but I have to say I’m disappointed to see personal criticism of the Peregrine staff after they’ve made an extra effort to be good to us. Come on, people.


  19. Well- we love The Choosy Beggar so much, the next 10 people that mention your name get 10% off today!!!
    Thanks for showing Peregrine (and me) the love!!!!

  20. a few waist 36-38 pants and jeans, Chimala and Gilded Age; a few L and XL shirts from Whillas and Gunn and Chimala. A few Large and X-large coats from W&G


  21. walked away empty-handed, but I like the room it takes place in and Jennie was very nice. wish all sample sales were like this, not 40 min. waits to enter an ugly room and frantically scramble for abused leftovers

  22. didn’t cop anything as well but it was an easy environment to be in. not crowded. no pressure. a bit warm. they were out of some things i liked in my size – M. i thought Whillas & Gun line was kinda fresh.

  23. Any chance there are any more Whillas and Gunn coats in medium? specifically the quilted one.

  24. Just found 3 Whillas & Gunn shirts in XXL so I put them out…..

  25. Walked away with a checkered vest for $30. Glad I went, surprisingly impressed with the very nice clothing selection. Big fan of the hickory striped pants. Will check out in the future.

    Nacho Broadway

  26. Any W&G or Oliver Spencer left in small/30 waist? I, too, went last year and have nothing but good things to say about the space/staff, but remember that, like the above ppl indicated, most of the merch was sample-sized (and thus too big for me)=

    Another Anon

  27. A few smalls in Gilded Age, 8.15 and Chimala….
    Nothing in Oliver and I don’t see off-hand in Whillas….

  28. Thanks – will save me a trip and totally appreciate the honestly / helpfulness!

    Another Anon

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