Saturdays Surf NYC Sample Sale

— Wed, 2nd May 2012 —

Just in time for the season, Saturdays Surf NYC is hosting a sample sale (it’s first ever?) featuring deep discounts on hip as sh*t apparel. The event officially runs from Thursday through Sunday, 5/3-5/6. Don’t forget your booties.

Saturdays Surf NYC Sample Sale – 19 Kenmare St btw Elizabeth & Bowery – 12pm-8pm Daily – Map

  1. been to the physical store once they carry some great stuffs for real! Any idea if they will have any accessories like sunglasses or cuffs be on the sale? May def need to stop by and check it out

  2. Official line is that this is all about “apparel,” l’Ray… but the strangest things pop up at sample sales.

    The Beggar

  3. i disagree…quality is crap and mass-produced.

    and i don’t surf…so it seems a bit lame to wear surf-inspired gear…CALL ME KRAZY.

  4. Did anyone spot any zip down sweatshirts, like the ones on the website? If so, in what size and color?


  5. What happened to the “you’ll get punched in the face if seen wearing this within a mile of Ditch Plains” comment posted yesterday by our host?

    Yes, these guys are well-bred, from-privilege yuppies who hopped on the surf-bandwagon and they sell only the most expensive boards, wetsuits and other gear and their clothes are really just a combination of J. Crew/classic surf-wear BUT the one experience I had with one of the owners he was really nice and gave me some free shit so how can I hate?


  6. do they have and oxford button downs? what sizes and how much? thanks


  7. If anyone goes, please provide info on board shorts and sunglasses! Thanks

  8. Funcheese – Realized it was stupid and irresponsible to knock a brand that, all things being equal, is just trying to make a go of it. It was a knee-jerk comment, and we regret it.

    The Beggar

  9. If you want tshirts, tank tops, chino shorts / pants and board shorts then you’ll like this sale. If you’re looking for anything else, don’t bother.

  10. I too am interested in the zip hooded sweatshirts? particularly heather grey. Has anyone seen this at the sale? thanx in advance.


  11. Most of the apparel you see in their website you’ll find at this sale, some in more quantities than others. They’ve got board shorts, swim trunks, button down long and short sleeve shirts, chinos, striped tees etc. if you like their clothes at all it’s worth checking.


  12. Shorts $30, tees 15-20, button down short sleeve 30 and button down long sleeve 40


  13. ChiefKeef, There are no zip hoodies, just pullover ones.

    The sale must have opened early because when I arrived at 11:50 it was already crowned. Picked up 5 tees @ $15 a piece. There is a rack of short sleeve and long sleeve button down shirts (solid colours) and a rack of plaids. Nice variety and I overheard that they should be restocking, at least today. Definitely worth checking out but as I was leaving at 12:45 they were beginning to form a line outside as it was getting crowded. For what its worth, I was the one behind the woman who bought 30 tees and about 10 or 15 other things….


  14. @Hidingout thanks so much for the response. I shall be there bright and early tomorrow in hopes of them getting some zip hoodies on the restock.


  15. What was the sizing like? Only sample sized mediums?


  16. Seemed to be all sizes, although there were a lot of mediums. The sample size for trousers is 32. Any top not marked with a size is an M and any bottom is 32.

    They will be restocking most of the graphic T’s. I have a feeling that they printed T’s and Tanks for the sample sale because they know they can go through them quickly at $15 a pop (disclaimer: this is just a guess). I did notice some stuff was damaged so be sure to check out items carefully as quality did vary. Not sure if this was mentioned but light jackets are $100 and heavy jackets were $120 or $150. Also, there were a ton of board shorts which are $40. Staff was friendly, enjoy!

  17. Accidentally bought a pair of the Grant Board Shorts, black and white, in size 28. If anyone would like to trade for a size 32, or buy the for $20, let me know and I will get in contact with you.

    Didnt Look

  18. Purchased many tees pants and suits from Saturdays. Love the fit on everything but I have to admit the quality is poor. Almost every piece of clothing I have from them ripped or broke somehow only after a couple wears. Pretty bummed.

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