The News Sample Sale

— Wed, 16th May 2012 —

This could be interesting. Thursday through Saturday, 5/17-5/19, The News Showroom is hosting its seasonal sample sale featuring some new and longstanding brands, including White Mountaineering (pictured), Folk, Cheap Monday, Clu, Sacai, R13, Co, Tim Coppens, Rhie, Anniel shoes, Creative Growth for Everybody, … These events do often kick-off a day early.

The News Sample Sale – 495 Broadway btw Broome & Spring, 5th Fl – 10am-6pm Daily – 212-925-9700 – Map

  1. I called earlier and they told me it was for employees and “friends” only. I don’t know how strict they’re being, but I’m just going to wait to avoid wasting a trip.

  2. I went by this afternoon (open to everyone). Almost nothing for men besides Cheap Mondays. I saw nothing from Folk. Only interesting stuff was from t/m, and not particularly cheap–$90 for shirts.

  3. I’m not going then if there’s no White Mountaineering or Sacai…

  4. Yeah, aside from Common Projects, I never found a lot going on Menswear-wise at The News since they dropped Band and Woolrich. Nice staff, and great if you need another pair of super-reduced Cheap Mondays but other than that……

    I think this is their first sample sale since they picked up White Mountaineering though, plus it was on their flyer so there’s hope yet.

  5. They do indeed have (a very limited amount of) Folk and White Mountaineering — just ask!

    I was disappointed by the prices and small selection. (No Sacai for me — any ideas where to get it cheap? — and not much Tim except in large sizes and at rel. high prices.)

    Another Anon

  6. Sorry for the double post, but I should add — the staff was nice and will check for smaller sizes, etc. — it just didn’t help in my case.

    Another Anon

  7. a lot of cheap monday clothing in the following. Shirts: M Jeans/Pants: size 32 and under. (priced at $30-$10). did not see any WM. Not as impressed as I was in the previous sales. good luck~

    mr billy

  8. That wasn’t a sample sale. That was a shop. Prices for everything, save a “discount” box, were basically just retail.


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